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Is $100 Enough When Starting Affiliate Marketing With Fb

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Is $100 Enough When Starting Affiliate Marketing With Fb

I am good enough with writing copy and building simple funnels.

But I have never used FB Ads before.
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The amount of $ 100 is enough to start the adventure with facebook ads. You can set a daily budget of ~7 $, so you can test for 2 weeks what campaign and what target group brings you the best ROI.
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$100 is enough to get rolling with Facebook Ads. In fact, you can even start with less than that. What really matters is how quick you master your marketing strategy that generates most leads so that you dont have to waste so much time and money in testing what works
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Well $100 can be a lot or not enough... It depends on the cost of your fb ads, the niche you are into and the price you are paying for your clicks via facebook...
Let's look closer:

If you are paying $0.01 per click, with $100 you will be able to get 10,000 visitors to your website/link

with $0.1 per click you will be able to get 1000 visitors
with $1 per click you will get only 100 visitors

So you may see how important is to optimise your fb ads to be able to get the most cheapest ads while using fb ads.
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Well, Want to earn $100 a day but don't have enough money to start a dropshipping beginner can start earning their first $100 with affiliate marketing niche sites with FB.
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Be very carefull when promoting affiliate offers via FB, especially CPA ones. It's could be done using cloaking or so, otherwise they will ban you for breaking the rules. And there is almost no way after to recover advertising ability on that account. So take my point. As for budget, yes it's enough. Promote your own pages better. Heck, you can even start with some coupons as starter money.
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