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".info" domains

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".info" domains

I've heard both yea & nay on using .info domains vs the common .com/net/org domains. So I wanted to ask someone @ Affiliorama about it?
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Hi, I don't know about the rest but the two times I've used .info extensions I had no problems with them. In fact, I got both of them ranking no 1 so in terms of SEO I'd say its fine to use. The only consideration is probably you don't want to build an authority site with the extension because people still view .com as a more 'legitimate' site.

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The differences between these three domain name extensions is minimal from the impacts on SEO, search rankings, and indexing. The domain name .info is a generic top-level domain in the domain name system. The .info domains are sort of a limited purpose domain type and were intended to be used strictly for informational purposes.

The .info domain appears to be a bit of an enigma. In doing keyword and site research, multiple .info domains have showed up in the top 10 of Google so it definitely can rank well as an extension.
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Hi vitalbizmain,

We recommend using a .com TLD because this is the most common and popular extension among internet users. Choosing to go with a .biz or .info TLD does not mean you will not be able to get ranking on your site nor does ranking become more difficult. You should still be able to rank well using other extensions, however, you run the risk of losing traffic if for instance, your competitor is a .com. This is because most times, users will put a .com extension instead of any other.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I agree with Cecille :)

Info TLDs have acquired a bad reputation because many unscrupulous entities have used it to put up spammy websites.

Always go for .com domains, as they are remembered easily. These are the ones that people remember by default.
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As to SEO, the search engines do not treat a dot INFO domain any different that than of a dot COM domain name. The only difference is the public has become accustomed to placing a dot COM after a name.

So the habit factor is the only element that needs to be taken into account. However, other than people returning to your site most first time visitors are going to be clicking on your link. The only problem I see with a dot INFO domain name is if the visitor on a return accidentally types in dot COM going to a different site thereby causing you to lose a sale.

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