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Identifying Competition Between Products For A Review Site

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Identifying Competition Between Products For A Review Site

I am going to create a review website for health products.
What do I look for as far as products that are too competitive ? I am told backlinks don't matter anymore so I am not sure what to look at.
I want to be able to rank and do well in Google.

Linda :D
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Hello Linda,

Backlinks can still be a good way to look at competition. Since you are an AJP member, when selecting keywords, you can just refer to the highest number of searches (search volume). Select the ones that are most searched.

The keywords in AJP are already good to use and you just need to select which ones are applicable for your website and which ones are most searched.

The backlinks info is about the number of backlinks the keyword has from all the sites that are showing up on SERPs. The PR pertains to the page rank from sites using that keyword.

These two factors are given for you to know how competitive the keyword is. The higher the number of backlinks means the higher the number of sites are using this keyword or backlinks.

The higher the PR means that these are the page rank for the sites/pages using that are linking for that keyword.

You can use these data to know and weigh how much work you will do when it comes to SEO and backlinking.

Like I said, the keywords that are given to you are already good to use- which also means that they are easy to rank as well. The only thing you need to do is to choose the ones that are fitted for your website and are most searched online.


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I use a tool called Long Tail Pro to cherry-pick low competition review keywords.

They have a feature called Average Keyword Competitiveness (KC):
It's a value between 0-100.

The closer to 0, the easier to rank.

I've found the best keywords to rank for the fastest are between 0-20, but you could go after keywords with a value between 20-30, you just might need to get a few backlinks to rank those.

Here's a tutorial + video I did demo-ing Long Tail Pro
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Hi Linda,

There are several factors that show whether a product is competitive or not. A few guidelines that I use and you can follow is:

Enter "product review" into Google and see the results. If the first page results are mostly authority e-commerce sites, then you may have difficulty ranking for the same term.

If the results are mostly web 2.0 properties and other affiliate review sites, then you can rank for the term (but you still need to do the work).

This quick check is what I use to see if I can rank for a product review keyword or not.

I've made a video to demonstrate how to identify competition for a product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plvSdYB1YBA

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