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I am not sure if they are low competition. Need help!

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I am not sure if they are low competition. Need help!

Hi, i have searched in Google using "exact" for the 3 keywords below,

fastest way to get abs-- 404,000 results with quotes, relatively easy in TT
best workout for abs-- 291,000 results with quotes, relatively easy in TT
how to work out your abs--1,200,000 results with quotes, relatively easy in TT

It seems that the first 2 keywords are quite easy to rank for, the last one difficult???

Can anyone help or give some advice,guys?

Thanks very much!
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Even though it may be "low" competition that doesn't mean that it wil always be easy to rank. It is definitely possible to do so with the first two it wil just take some time. Most likely the third will take longer but just because there is mor competition does not mean it will be harder.
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Hi keman520,

Time is definitely a big factor here is you are considering these 3 keywords for your site, especially with your 3rd KW.

But do not worry about how much time you will spend to rank for these keywords. I suggest that you focus on building a good SEO strategy/plan and then also set goals for all your keywords. Prioritize quality links most. Try to do more content in building your backlinks so you can cut the amount of time in getting ranked for these keywords.

I hope that helps!

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Hey Keman,

Do your Google Keyword search again for those phrases and make sure that you have 'Exact' ticked and 'Broad' unticked. This will show you how many people are searching for that exact term per month.

Here are the global results that I got:

fastest way to get abs 880
best workout for abs 1600
how to work out your abs 210

These search volumes are much different than what you posted. I'm not sure how you ended up with those numbers.

Also, the tab in the Google Keyword Tool that says competition is not how competitive it will be to rank for the keyword phrase. The competition tab means how competitive it is to advertise with Google Adwords, not how easy these phrases are going to be to rank organically. (I misunderstood this when I started out.)

Traffic Travis can give you a much better idea of how easy or difficult it will be to get ranking higher in the SERPS. In TT you have to weigh out how the competition is targeting these keywords with titles, descriptions and h1 tags and also how many backlinks are pointing to the specific pages that are ranking for the term.

Hope this helps,
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