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How To Look For Other Products In A Niche?

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How To Look For Other Products In A Niche?

Hi, I'm part of AJP and I do the dating niche and am looking to promote more products and was wondering how I did the research to find other products. I'm not sure what to search in ClickBank, I don't think I do it right maybe. I'd prefer to stick with ClickBank though if possible! Please help.
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Hi Caleb,

You can find products to promote in the Clickbank Marketplace. Once logged in to Clickbank, click on the Marketplace link on the top of the page. You can then choose from the categories on the sidebar. I think Dating is under the Relationship niche.

The first thing to look at is the gravity. Anything between 6 and 25, or higher is good. Check out the product sales page too. You want to get a product with a persuasive sales page that converts.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Find an affiliate in the niche and sign up for his or her news letter. See what your comp is promoting. You may find some gems outside CB. To search click bank go to selfless section then I think their is a sub heading for dating . I would also recommend signing up as an affiliate at Mark's meetyoursweet. Com There is several programs with in that program. I am not in that niche but suspect Mark provides a lot of good info to help his
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Yeah, It easy to find new niche on clickbank. All process of getting new link or product is described above. I agree with the above post. Here is the link.
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In addition to dating ebooks and dating membership websites, keep in mind there are other things you could be promoting.

You could also promote products that are indirectly related to dating, such as 'get your ex back' and 'getting over a break up' type infoproducts. All these things would be of interest to someone who is actively dating, not just 'how to date' ebooks.
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