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How to Increase Traffic

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How to Increase Traffic

This is a major concern for many trying to make money online. The keys to gaining more traffic is being consistent, you have to work on this every day. You may not see immediate results, and that is where many stop working on driving more traffic to their site, or worst yet, they quit, thinking they don't have the time or they don't have what it takes to be successful online.

Never quit, when you quit you give up all hope of your dreams of having an online income. Sure, it is going to take time and hard work, or everyone would have an online business.

Track your results to see where your traffic is coming from. A great free site is Google Analytics. They provide so much information on your traffic sources. Look at your top three traffic sources, and concentrate your efforts on these.

I have see many people drive traffic to their site, and not knowing where there traffic is coming from. Thus, they spend their valuable time trying to drive traffic from a source they receive little or no traffic from.
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I agree, link building and inbound marketing can be challenging and frustrating. The results are not immediate and this can get to you at times.

There are several link building and inbound marketing methods you can use to drive traffic to your site. It's best to have a link building and marketing strategy to follow. This way you can determine which method works for your site and which doesn't. Having a strategy of how to go about promoting your site and driving traffic to it also helps you focus on what specific method you should do at a given hour or day. You can also easily track goals if you have a routine or strategy in place.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Yeah, tracking statistics are important.

If you can, use tracking links like Google's URL builder, so you can track campaigns and traffic sources. And use affiliate tracking ID's on your affiliate links too.
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Hey man, I gave you a thumbs up! It's no joke. Understanding that with free traffic it takes time. Can take months to build up. And you need to be providing value the whole time. Nice thing about somebody like facebook ads is I can have super targeted traffic to my landing pages in a matter of a couple of hours and then its all about optimizing my landing page to getting what people need and helping them out, Great for testing things. Once I have a system all set up and is converting for me I'll go ahead and work on some free advertising to really help leverage and compound the growth. Another thing I like about paid traffic is its scaleable! To an extent of course!
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Improve your website traffic for quality content on your site , original content, get more backlinks, Improve your search engine ranking, Get linked, Use social media, Advertise your presence etc........
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Slow and steady increase in traffic is always better as opposed to a sudden enhancement of website hits. Any website will take its own time to show up in the search results. Therefore patience alone is the order of the day for affiliate marketers. Easier said than done!!
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Agree with your point of view, tracking business results is essential for any online business as it helps you understand ways to reach your audience and drive traffic to your site.It help you to understand :
1. Your keywords better. It help you to understand which phrases help folks to find your business.
2. Your Customers:By having a rough idea of keywords,you can get better understand your customers better.By taking a look at path of your visitor help you to better understand the target .
3. Understand Social Activity
4. Understand Page Quality.
Analytic help you to understand which way your missed to reach your customers.

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I recently compiled a list of the various ways to boost traffic to my site and let me say it's not a short list. These were also the more obvious ways, In short, the sooner we get comfortable with the fact that this process is effort over time, we will always feel despondent because we were hoping for a quick fix and there really is no quick fix.

Sure you can pay for traffic but not everyone can afford that. At the end of the day are you really showing profit after paying for traffic? The job description for this line of work is ....work and work consistently. Lets not fool ourselves any longer, we''ll get to where we want to be a lot quicker by accepting this reality!
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Yes , quality content is best technique to get traffic of website. You can also use forum posting, commenting, social networking sites, blog posting with unique and attractive headline.
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Absolutely agree. It's difficult to keep plodding day after day, but consistency along with analytics should pay off in the end. Still, even with analytics we can sometimes focus on things that we want to see & turn a blind eye to some of the more difficult things. Analyze ALL of the data, even things that may be unpleasant, such as: negative feedback & comments, or which types of posts may cause a viewer to "hide" your posts or "unfollow" you. This takes much attention to detail & it also takes guts, but I've found you can learn just as much about your customers & their needs from the negatives as you can from the positives.
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Traffic is a derivative of either a social media activity or an inbound link. Active Social networking websites & bookmarks sites are better places to spend time, to get links and traffic, which is directly proportional to the energy and value put into it. Guest posts and press releases are also the places, worth time spending.
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Yup agree, backlinking or rather having quality backlinks is a key to driving traffic to your site. But first and foremost, you have to make sure that you generate quality and original content that will cater to the interest of your target audience. The key here is, once you have enticed them to visit your site, you have to keep them engaged to ensure frequent visits, and eventually they become your loyal subscriber. This is easier said than done.

Today, it is wise to harness the power of social media... Yes they help drive traffic to your site and whether you want it the cheapest way ( free through retweets, shares and likes) or you a lot a certain budget for it ( paid ads) it doesn't matter for as long as you play the game right.
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You can boost traffic to your site/s by purchasing SEO campaigns on SEOClerk or CodeClerks.
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Two practices that have always been greatly effective for me:

1. Quality content
2. Maximizing social media

It takes a lot of time but in the end it's worthwhile. Creating a good online reputation through quality information and consistent posting are the best way to generate quality followers and traffic.

But, this is just me. I believe in growing followers and traffic organically. I want to be trusted in the industry - both by my audience and the Internet.
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There are many steps to follow as to increase the traffic in your website. The most basic one is you should have backgrounds in SEO. It is one way that can increase your traffic. here are some list of what you can do:

- Create a web site that contains meta tags, content, graphics, and keywords that help improve your site ranking.
- Use keywords liberally on your site, so long as they are used in the correct context of your site topic and content.
- Include reciprocal links to your site from others as long as those links are legitimate and relevant.
- Encourage web site traffic through many venues, including keyword advertising, reciprocal links, and marketing campaigns.
- Submit your web site to search engines manually, rather than waiting for them to pick up your site in the natural course of cataloging web sites. you can also buy traffic from SEOclerks at cheap rates.
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