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How To Find Credible Sources To Quote And Link To

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How To Find Credible Sources To Quote And Link To

I think it's a good idea to back up what you say on your sites with proof. Things like research or studies that have been done from credible sources. Especially if it is a controversial topic. Whether you are quoting or linking to such a source it can help you to sale someone on something If you can convince them that what you're saying is valid. Of course it isn't necessary for every topic, but some topics people aren't so educated on.

But, sometimes I have a hard time finding credible sources on the web that back up what I'm saying even when I know that I am right. When you read numerous books on a subject, where exactly you got your info can become a blur after a while. And I don't want to just quote from or link to just anybody's site. It think it helps when it comes from more respected sources like Institutes, experts, research, studies, etc.

Anyone have any tips for how to find credible sources on the web on your topic to support your position? The only thing I know to do is search a phrase in quotes, but that often doesn't bring back any useful results.
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Hi Kurt,

You can first try Wikipedia. They are a good enough source but look at the bottom of the Wikipedia article for the real or actual sources of the facts then follow those or link to those.

Content Curation is a good way to find not just content but quality sources for your articles. If you're using Wordpress, try check for content curation plugins on the plugin page. There are several you can use at no charge.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I use this: http://www.centerforpubliceducation.org ... ch-QA.html (specifically the box in the center) to run through especially when I'm doing any kind of online research/reporting. It's helpful to look at each aspect, & while a bit time consuming...you get quicker at checking for the important things & you have the assurance that what you're using for the basis of your argument/insight is sound.
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Okay.... Nice information you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing.
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You can refine your search for authoritative documents on Google search by using the advanced settings. When you create a search, just be sure to specify which type of sites you want to look at documents from. So for instance, you might only want to search official university (.edu) or government (.gov) sites. You will find many official, archived educational and governmental documents stored online that will provide you with a wealth of authoritative resource material. Of course, you will want to properly cite these sources when you use them for reference.
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