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How to choose a niche

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How to choose a niche

Good day, Great Affiloramites, please am a Newbie, I want to Find out if it is recommended for a Website to have more than One(1) chosen Topics or Niche? If not please kindly Enlighten me on the advantages of Choosing Just One Topic or Niche and the Disadvantages of having more than A Topic. Thanks in anticipation for a Speedy Response from you Wonderful People.
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We do recommend that you start and focus on one niche only. It is also better to pick a sub-niche as this is more specific and targeted compared to a general topic. This makes it a lot easier to target your market and promote your website.

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I would like to recommend you to choose only one niche or topic for your website. And keep focus on that topic. This is much helpful to easily increase your credibility in market.
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I would like to recommend you to make a decision first ,if you have a complete plan than focus on your but make a plan first ,your niche should compete your competitors .then automatically your site will grow.
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