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How Many Clicks = 1 Sale Usually?

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How Many Clicks = 1 Sale Usually?


what's a typical conversion rate for affiliate products.
for example, if I get 100 clicks to an affiliate product, how many sales should I reasonably expect?

Many thanks,
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Hi Alain,

I am afraid that there can't really be a specified number when it comes to the number of clicks per sale.

This is due to a lot of reasons. One, you need to consider where your traffic is coming from- is it from solo ads? Is it from low quality sites? The traffic source is very important when it comes to knowing the ratio between clicks and sales.

Second, the click per sale is also dependent on the intention of your visitor. There are people who just want information and there are people who are willing to buy.

Third, the sales you get from clicks will also depend on the price of the product. Of course, in most cases it is easier to sell low priced products than the high priced ones. However, sometimes a high priced product can get a lot of sales depending on availability and demand. This is especially true for most internet marketing products that are offered for a limited time only.
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the actual simply click each purchase can also be depending on the actual goal of the visitor. You'll find those who simply just would like facts and there are those who are prepared obtain.
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The clicks generated should be from targeted visitors or targeted traffic. That would mean that an average sale could happen anywhere between 100 and 200 clicks provided all of them are unique!
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Hi Alain,

This is a tough question to answer. There are various factors that make a visitor click on your affiliate link. And there are various factors that make visitors buy.

How warm are your visitors? By warm, I mean are they looking for the product you promote? Did they come to your website using a 'review' keyword, or a 'how to' keyword?

How is your web copy? Did you write it just to make the visitor click? Did you write it to warm them up and give them enough information and assurance that your product is a good choice?

I made a video that explains these factors further: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1HHMipBAaI

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In Affiliate Marketing, we call this the 1% rule. Which means from your total leads, you should convert 1%; or 1% to 2% conversions. Although depending on the effectiveness of your campaign, it may not always be 1%. If your conversions are above 10%, then that's even better.

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It depends on the conversion rate of your promotion.

May be your click is quite large number, it means the promotion is attractive, but the call to action may work not that well. So the tracking of the reasons become important.

You can use the tools of GA to find the exact way to improve your sales.
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dmcqpu wrote:Hey,

what's a typical conversion rate for affiliate products.
for example, if I get 100 clicks to an affiliate product, how many sales should I reasonably expect?

Many thanks,

if you have a superb traffic, roughly a quarter of the number of clicks will give you profit. But you never know :)
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It depends on the products, prices, etc.

The sales vary a lot due to different reasons.

Some people even get several hundreds but without a sale.
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