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How Do I Use Keywords in My Posts?

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How Do I Use Keywords in My Posts?

Hi. I was wondering how to use long tail keywords in post? I know i heard rosalind gardner and anik segal say that its a good way for traffic and it's "instant" but i don't know how? I write about celebrity gossip on http://www.hollywoodtopnews.com so how can i plug in keywords into a rumors or anything! And does each page and posts need meta tags and descriptions?
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Yes you can use your targeted keywords(long tail) in your post & hyperlink them with your blog/website. so that reader of your post at hollywoodtopnews.com will click on your hyperlinked keyword & got redirected to your website/blog.
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Hi rhoda1990,

Yes, each page needs meta tags and description. These help search engines know what that particular page is about. It's difficult to target long tail keywords if you're reporting/sharing celebrity gossip. I suppose what you can do is find a celebrity topic that is trending through Google Trends, then use that same keyword. It would usually be the name of a celebrity so you need to use the name of the celebrity a few times over the course of the article.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Add keywords into your post and attach the relevant hyperlink of your website. So that the reader of your post will be redirected to your website page.
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