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How can I track a banner ad ?

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How can I track a banner ad ?

I want to know how can I track a banner ad , that is not on my site . thanks
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To track any ad, you will need to put in a tracking id. If you do not have access to the banner code, it not being on your site, then you can not track the banner ad.
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Well... usually what happens is you grab the HTML from the merchant site, and that HTML calls the image from the merchant site, but you're perfectly able to edit the actual link.

If it's a clickbank product you just need to generate yourself a hoplink with a tracking ID, then look at that little piece of code and find where your affiliate link is (or should go) in there. Stick your new link with the tracking ID in there, and then insert that all into your site.
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Hello princess,

Here is an easy way for you to track which banners visitors click on to leave your site and which advertisers they visit.

To track outbound clicks on an animated GIF or other type of static banner ad, add the following code within the <a> tag:

<a href="http://www.advertisersite.com" onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview

This code uses the _trackPageviewfunction to log each click on the banner as though it were a pageview named /bannerads/advertisername/bannername. You may use any folder/filename structure that you desire, though it's a good idea to log all of your advertising banners into a logical directory structure as shown in the example. This helps to easily identify the number of referrals to each advertiser.

The equivalent code for a Flash banner is provided below:

on(release) {
getURL("javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview

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