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High competition keywords: Are they worth promoting?

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High competition keywords: Are they worth promoting?

I have a question about keyword research. Do you want to stay away from keywords that have a lot of authority sites and youtube videos on the first page of google? Also,can you out rank these sites say if you put more than one keyword into your site that targets similar keywords for your niche along with backlinks and drip feeding social signals to your niche site?
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For me, it really depends. If the keyword has a high search volume and the search results is not that high (within the 1M mark or less), then yes I will still promote this keyword for my website.

Yes, you can always outrank ANY website as long as you continue to improve your onsite and offsite SEO.
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Promoting high competition keywords are worth the effort but there`s a catch: At first you should try to rank for long tail keywords and synonyms of these keywords. After you build enough authority with your blog, you can start to aim for the high competition ones.
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I agree with hcfgrizzly, I'd also add that I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. Sometimes when people focus on the top of the heap, they can't see what's around them, that can be just as sweet. I think balance is key for long-term viability and many times you have to start with the low competition keywords and work your way up.
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