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Help me improve my website for Adsense

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Help me improve my website for Adsense

Hi, I want to approve my Adsense account for my BlogSpot blog, here link attractivearticles1239(dot)blogspot
I have placed all necessary gadgets such as social media, live chat but before applying, I want more suggestion from experts. Please look and suggest me, if any change required?
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The blog wed address is not available. If you want to improve the content of your website, you need to check these tips here. You may also check out our free lessons here.
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Here are some tips to improve adsense for your website -
1. A/B test your ad units
2. Use multiple ad units to maximize conversion
3. Limit the number of ads above the fold
4. Optimize the color impact of text ad units
5. Create and implement responsive ads
6. Link your AdSense and Analytics accounts
7. Keep your design and content user-focused
8. Publish high-quality content on a regular basis
9. Build an audience before setting up AdSense
10. Go easy with the blocking and filtering
11. Keep yourself updated
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Before submitting your adsense code to Google,make sure you follow this step -
(a) Make sure you have 10 to 15 post before submitting your adsense code.
(b) Follow Google adsense policy properly.
(c) Make sure you have Navigation,Sitemap,Contact us and privacy policy.
(d) Never ever use copyright picture .You can find loyalty free picture you can use pixabay,unsplash,public domains.
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Does your blog has all the unique content? And Google takes at least 6 months to build a trust for your website. Then you can send a request to Adsense.
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when a blog is declined by Adsense they send recommendations to be implemented, if this happens it may give you some ideas
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