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Free data for email marketing campaign

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Free data for email marketing campaign

We have data on new websites built on all eCommerce platforms: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and WordPress. You can take advantage of it for your email marketing campaign.
If you are interested, leave your email down here or inbox us then we will send you the data for free.
Available for free, come inbox or leave your email here.
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If one can get a quality dataset for email marketing, it can really make a difference.
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Agree, start collection emails of your customers/visitors to reach them in the future.
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What kind of data do you have exactly? How do you suggest someone uses this data to promote their products and services?
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Can you please describe more about the data? Which service this data is belong to?
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This data will be beneficial for those who want to create more sales through email marketing. But, is this data genuine to promote products or services? Cause it seems suspicious at the same time while you are giving all the data for free.
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