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Facbook Rules On Affiliate Links(Whats Allowed)

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Facbook Rules On Affiliate Links(Whats Allowed)

I Have Created a Group Page and Want To Use it to Broadcast 'Amazon" Affiliate Products Electronics Ect,,, Using The Amazon supplied Picture Product Description Ect,,, Place On My Wall and Then "Sharing" is This A Voilation Of their 3rd Party Ad Policy ??????? and if So Could i Then Create a Review Blog With Wordpress on My Own Domain And then Just promote Links On Facebook To products Listed At My Domain ????? Anyone Know the Facebook Rules ????? hopefully Waiting Cherrytree
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I have not come across any restrictions on facebook as to the kind of links that you can post, though it's possible that I may have missed some things there. But I know that certain affiliate programs do not allow you to post affiliate links on social sites.

Putting up a page about the product on your own site and posting a link to that page on facebook should not violate anyone's policies.

I hope that helps :)
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usually, I do a review on my site, and link to that instead of direct linking to a product. Social networking sites are about building relationships. you have to be careful with directly promoting products as people will see this as spamming.
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I think the best way is to create a fanpage, then provide good contents relevant to your products or services. Then you can invite people on your friend list that seem to be interested in that to click "Like". This allows your fanpage to go viral once their friends see their "Like" action and if they find the page interesting.

Customization of the fan page could also be a good move. You can put opt-in box on their FBML, and provide something in return for their contact info.

Hope that helps! :)
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