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Direct linking with social media sites?

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Direct linking with social media sites?

I heard from an internet makerter guru- Adrian Morrsion that plentyoffish is a good place to market affiliate products. I want to know how and if there is any other social media site that i could do directlinking to market my affiliate products.
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Hi rhoda1990,

Are you referring to PlentOfFish the dating site? They do allow advertising, but I don't think they allow the use of affiliate redirects for one. Your destination URL should be the same destination URL going to your landing page. You can view more of their terms here.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi rhoda1990,

Plentyoffish is an online dating site. You can contact them for paid ads inquiry but please be aware that you should be putting your ads to the right places, meaning at least display your affiliate links/ads to websites that are within your niche.

Also, you may want to look at several Web 2.0 properties like Tumblr and Hubpages for your affiliate links. There are also Classified Ad sites where you can post these links as well.

I hope that helps.

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Why would you want to direct link when the conversions are so bad for direct linking! But Plenty Of Fish is one network that loves affiliates for now. But like she said your URL's must match that is a given. There is a million places that you can direct link ! I have had a lot of success with Direct CPV but conversions are always better to my landers..
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where do u wish to put your add, needs through check-up, be careful....
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You can make use of the social media in promoting your product or business online. Make sure that you include the visible social media buttons in your web page, integrate it in the area where it makes sense, and use analytics. It is also important that you focus on the terms and conditions.
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