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Difference in keyword volume

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Difference in keyword volume

I was looking through the Google keyword data for the keyword "betta fish toys" on three different websites:

kwfinder - 1,152 (united states) 1,121 (global)
Google KWP - 1k-10k (united states) 1,900 (global)
serpstat - 720
semrush - 720 (united states)

Obviously there's quite a big difference between 1,152 and 720.

This difference I have noted for all the keywords I've tried. Interestingly the Google KWP results seem closer to the KWfinder results than the other 2 services.

So what do you think have you noticed this difference ?
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The monthly search values of keywords tend to differ among SEO/keyword tools. This is because these tools get their data from different sources.

You can try running the same search on Affilotools and you will get a different number. It'll be closer to the Goolge KWP results, but it will not be the exact same value. This is because Affilotools gets it data from a source other than Google.

You can run the same search on Traffic Travis, and you're likely to get a number close to the Google KWP value, maybe exactly the same, since Traffic Travis gets its data from Google.
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Monthly search volumes of keywords tend to differ among SEO/keyword tools as tools may get their data from different channels. So, I would say that stick to one source and know the search for keywords.
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Every tool and website show you data on behalf of their different resources. I think you should try only one resource which helps you to identify the results.
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