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Best Keyword Research Tool - Wordtracker? TT? Themezoom?

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Best Keyword Research Tool - Wordtracker? TT? Themezoom?

Hi all,

Everytime I watch a new lesson I get more and more confused. Which keyword research tool is ultimately the best?

In one of Mark's lessons he is really optimistic about Wordtracker, but then I ask myself, what about Traffic Travis' keyword research tool?

Some of the suggested tools are free, and others cost $250 a month. What I'm looking for in a keyword tool is;

- It can suggest synonyms for your market
- It displays results not just from last month, but all time searched
- It can dig down to deep levels
- It helps you sort your keywords

I've seen that Wordtracker is a good candidate, and Themezoom's even better, but what about Traffic Travis? And are Overture and Google tools for those who are on a low budget?

I don't want to miss out on any keyword. I need a tool that shows me the keywords searched for all time, not just last month, I would miss out on a lot of keywords.

We can afford Wordtracker, but from all the tools, which rates first, second, third, fourth and fifth?

I'm also really curious what Mark can say about this.

Thanks in advance for your replies,\

Regards, Rudolf
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I would recommend you just use wordtracker. I've never used themezoom, so I can't comment on that, but wordtracker does a good job.

Keyword research is important, but knowing 45000 exact keywords isn't that big a deal. If you're doing SEO, there's no way to optimise for each of them, but you will find yourself ranking for hundreds, if not thousands.

If you're using PPC, then you can get traffic from them using the phrase and broad match. And from my experience, a huge chunk of them won't convert anyway.

Don't worry about getting the "perfect" keyword list. Just get a good one and get stuck in.
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Use wordtracker, and then use competition ads to check your competition. There is an awesome video in June update (I think)
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A Q from which you will get a mutlitude of answers ...

Depends what you want to do ... what do you plan to do ?

If you are doing bum marketing (article and web2.0 marketing) or PPC then the free or cheaprer tools are fine, wordtracker is great too for that ...

If you are building a long-term white hat site ... there is IMHO nothing that evern compares to ThemeZoom ... i have been a themezoom member for ages and i have under utilised mainly cause i have concentrated on ppc and bum marketing in the past ... and also at first i struggled to get my head around it ... but now i have sepnt the time to properly learn and understand TZ (ongoing i still have a lot to learn ...), what russel and his team and charles at SEO20/20 have put togther as a package has blown me away ...

You need to understand one major difference with TZ - it is not just a kw tool - it is a combined complete market research tool - the level of strategic thinking and advantages of TZ are way ahead of anything else you mentioned and i don't know of another tool that compares ...

Plus once you understand TZ a bit - you also find it knocks all the other tools over for PPC and finding longtails to BUM Market with ...

HTH ...

Terry :D
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