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Any way to find an untapped niche?

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Any way to find an untapped niche?

I am looking at all these hot product in clickbank and they all have uber competition. Does anyone have some advice for maybe finding affiliate programs outside of clickbank that don't have so many affiliates picking over them?

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Try Googling: "{your keyword} affiliate program" (without the quotes, obviously).

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Just because Clickbank Products are sold alot does not mean that you cant. You WANT competition.

Where you want to find the untapped market is looking for Keywords that are relevant that others are not competing for. you can still find those in ANY niche, if you take the time to look.
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Exactly. Competition is a good thing, that means that the niche is proven to be profitable. Don't be afraid of competitors. If there is money to be made, you can have your share of the pie.

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