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Any feedback on Market Samurai?

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Any feedback on Market Samurai?

Hello everyone, I have used a few different resources now to see monthly searches for keywords, and have come up with results that vary greatly. Can anyone tell me why this is, and does anyone have any personal experience with Market Samurai? Can they tell me what they think of it. Thanks
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I have not used Market Samurai for quite some time now but when it comes to the monthly searches for keywords using different tools, you can expect to get different results simply because these tools use different factors in getting the results. Like for example, one tool provides 3-month old results while another tool provides real-time results. This can be just one factor. We do not know the exact factors and ways for each tool but each SEO tool have their own ways and formula when it comes to the monthly searches.
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I've used it several times in the past, as well as LTP, but to be honest, I really don't thing this software is very useful...

All you need is just keyword planner and a free toold such as SEO Quake (and perhaps a couple of analysis with SEM Rush / Ahrefs / Majestic), but even without those, a simple google search will reveal all you need really..

Keyword research is not that complicated, and those "scores" doesn't mean anything really.. (I am referring to SEO value in Market Samurai or Competition in Long Tail Pro)

Just follow your own intuition regarding the competition, but make sure that you pick the right keywords (high commercial intent)

Good luck
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I have used market samurai and they pull much of their information from googles keyword planner. I think they may also combine it with other search engine tools as well but I find using them a little complicated since I don't look for keywords all the time so I kind of have to re learn how they find things, but I think they do a pretty good job when I do use them.
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Market Samari used to be good up until 2-3 years ago , because now they use Bing as their test tool, due to the price of using Google.
They have openly said this and you can see in the testing results.
There are still many other and better planning tools around, including Google Keyword planner , etc, etc.
good luck
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It was great..But now I think not now :) I used it many years ago :/
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Market Samurai is a very precise keyword tool, but it lacks strength in other areas of search engine optimization. However, it can be a useful choice if your business is looking for help specifically with keyword research and optimization.
Happy working :)
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Although there are lots of greater keyword search tool and analysis today, Market Samurai by Noble Samurai comes with reliable features used by small business owners.
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I like these features of it
1. Brilliant Rank Tracker module that saves you hours of checking your rank manually.
2. Free keyword module.
3. The construction and features of the SEO Competition module, which gives you an inside look at the top 10 spots on Google for any keyword.
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