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AllinTitle keyword search VS regular keyword search

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AllinTitle keyword search VS regular keyword search

Hi Guys

I would like to why is it that when i search for my keyword using Allintitle:"My keyword" than my key shows on the 4th page but when i do a normal search only for my keyword i don't find it anywhere. My keyword has a total of 170 results and my keyword doesn't appear anywhere.

Can anyone please explain what happening here.

Thanks guys.
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I think the answer to your problem is to get more quality inbound links. Try reverse engineering your competition's top links and try to obtain the same links as they have and more.
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I think you know when you search with 'allintitle' it will show you only those pages whose title include those words. If a page has those keywords anywhere else but the title it won't be shown even if you have those keywords with good density all through the pages.
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endy daniyanto
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Hey Lloyd,

Yep, Harun is right. When you search Google using the allintitle search operator, it only returns websites that have your keyword in the title.

When you search using just the keyword in Google, it returns all websites that Google thinks are optimized for that keyword. If your site isn't as optimized as your competitor sites, it will be 'buried' underneath all your competition.

You can also use the allintitle operator to do a quick competition analysis for a certain keyword. I've made a video that explains how to do it here: https://youtu.be/pcnF3fcE7ZE

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