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Advice for affiliates.

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Advice for affiliates.

Do not try to start an ad campaign in the internet marketing niche, or any online money niche. The click thru rates are sorrid.

Im rolling at .13% CTR. That is sad. This is for a $10 product, keep in mind I still havent made a sale yet.

People say that get upwards 5% CTR when they switch from techny things to non-techy things. Thats my plan after I make my first sale, it should be yours as well.

This market is over-saturated at the moment.
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Hi jason.james552,

I'm sorry to hear that. I wouldn't say that the internet marketing niche is saturated, rather it is highly competitive. The keywords in this niche are mostly high competition keywords so this is not a niche for those starting out, unless you've got a solid strategy in mind.

Thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!
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There is a lot of competition, but a lot of it is noise with no substance. It can be done and very successfully at that! As with anything, plan, research and execute and if it doesn't work the first time, well then you're going to just have to keep trying!
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I agree with esolutions. Don't give up!

I have read that we all should use failures to our advantage. So yes, use this "down time" to search for solutions and to succeed. :)

Instead of being sad about it, I suggest that you try to re-engineer your keywords. If all keywords are really competitive, then perhaps you try PPC campaign. Try to run a short campaign and see if this works for you.

I hope that helps!

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