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add words to keyword phrases to make it sound right?

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add words to keyword phrases to make it sound right?

Hello out there,

I'm a newbee and I've been doing the keyword search and travis. I've found that some phrases don't make sense if it stood alone, like "approach girl." Could I for my title for the article, retitle it, "How To Approach Girls." Is that ok?

Also, should we do a search from the three different domains of crisis words, "how to or learn: areas?


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this used to work, but now, they go by the exact keyword. personally I dont waste my time on them. If it isn't spelled correctly or gramatically correct, pass it up and look for others. there are unlimited number of keywords that you can use if you take the time to look.

also, most of the time by targeting the good keywords, you will rank for the off keywords by default. pure SEO wise, it is not considered as valid, but with recent changes, the search engines can tell if you are just writing to target those bad phrases. it also makes your site look unprofessional.
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I would agree with James, at least for creating content for your site and articles that link to your site. One area that I can see using misspellings and awkward sounding phrases, particularly ones with good search volume, might be when it comes to bidding on keywords for traffic (ie PPC). There, you are taking advantage of the misspells, but you want to make sure the content is correct because that helps build your authority. If you have a lot of misspellings in your site (or in content that leads to your site), that hurts your credibility.

(As a disclaimer, I should admit that I am no where near ready to do PPC and have not tried this myself...yet.)

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One time I thought I was going to nail the phase "brew beer kit", becuase every one else was optimized for "beer brew kit". As said above, it dosn't work.

Don't try to optimize for akward phases or mispelling. Won't help.

A funny thing though, saw a site promoteing affilio jet pack above the fold on page one, with youtube videos of real jetpacks, added just for the SEO value. Seemed to work, the site was not that special otherwise.
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