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10 Reasons to Start Running Mobile Content Offers

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10 Reasons to Start Running Mobile Content Offers

Flow division, the ability to work with various advertising sources and verticals, analytics, evaluation of the effectiveness of purchased traffic… Wow, take it easy! This is the vast world of mobile subscription vertical.

But don’t worry! CPARK&AdStart Media Affiliate Managers, break it down for you and give 10 practical tips for affiliates who just start working with mobile subscriptions. Read on — we'll show you the right path in the affiliate jungle and tell you what a junior publisher needs to know and be able to achieve in order to achieve his goals.

The advantage of mobile subscriptions is more than clear — almost all people use mobile phones in their daily lives. The low cost of mobile subscriptions plays another positive role for both users and affiliates.

Mobile subscriptions are represented in almost all GEOs. And if in Western Europe payments reach $15 per subscription, then in Iran they pay only $0,3.

Since the entry threshold for mobile subscriptions is lower than in other verticals, you can get the first results even on small budgets. Users willingly subscribe to services, which allows them to find “working links” in a short time and get the first profit, and then optimize and scale.

This vertical will be of interest not only to beginners but also to experienced affiliates. The goldmine of the Wapclick lies in Facebook and Google, where large cases with large budgets are worked out, and it is clear why: a huge audience, easy flow, and a wide range of offers.

To put it as simply as possible: getting a user to send an SMS is easier than linking a credit card.

All offers in the mobile subscription vertical are divided into several groups according to the target action that the user needs to complete to subscribe:

click flow
click2sms flow

Mobile subscriptions are presented in a variety of verticals such as mobile games, antivirus, video content, articles, sweepstakes, horoscopes, recipes, sports content, and adult content.

10 tips that will be in use if you are serious about conquering the world of mobile affiliate marketing:

1. Don't be afraid to try “difficult flows” like PIN/MO/click2sms. Sometimes they are much easier to target than some 1-2 click offers.

2. Remember that auto-subscriptions are the enemy of the user and sooner or later complaints from the mobile operator will arrive.

3. The best types of traffic for VAS offers are pop/push and old-school banners. As for the first two, they are relatively low cost, you can safely start testing offers with them.

4. Explore the market for new GEOs, where operators are more loyal to users. By the way, today it is TH and the operator AIS, DTAC and Truemove.

5. Not all operators are happy with adult, so when choosing VAS offers for work, focus on the mainstream.

6. 91.5% of the world population owns a mobile phone, which means that there is an enormous potential for growth in conversions. And most offers have no caps! Go for it!

7. Variety of angles. There isn't content that can not be bundled and promoted through a mobile subscription. Games, Utilities, Videos, Applications, you name it.
8. Convert easily. In most cases, everything that is required from the user to turn into a conversion is just a couple of clicks on his phone.

9. You will not need to create a sophisticated sales funnel in order to get your first conversions with mobile content offers, just work on precise targeting and look for a good traffic source.

10. And last but not least, the desktop will surprise you. Even though they are called mobile content offers, they can still convert Desktop traffic surprisingly well, especially on all the MO pages where the user has to send an SMS.
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