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Self Introduction

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Self Introduction

Hello everyone,
I am Francis VP, Indian citizen living in the souther state of Kerala. I am a new member joined this prestigious forum couple of days back. As a beginner in affiliate marketing, I hope to learn more about it and launch my website very soon. Hope to have your valuable advice and support...

Best wished to all of you,
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Hi Francis,

Welcome aboard Affilorama :)

You may start reading through our lessons here:


You get free access to that :)

And you also can use our FREE SEO tool here:


Affilotools is a useful tool for affiliate marketing. I suggest you start with the free lessons first, so you know how things work.
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Hello Francis,

Welcome to affilorama forum.

How are you?
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Thanks for sharing the information. https://www.incredimate.com/ is the top Animation Company in India serving 2D Animation and 3D animation with the latest trends.
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You have chosen right direction of your development in affiliate marketing. Your own website is one of the most significant things. The matter here is not just to create the website, but to create an attractive website. Don't regret the time on creating content for your website, or at least don't regret the time on searching for people who will do everything for you.

Yeah, outsourcing is quite spread in this activity, if you have no skills in web developing - then apply to specialised paltforms or furms where you can find web developers, who will help you to create a good-looking website. Website is the part of your affiliate activity. Customers are attracted due to the website.
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