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Webinar with Brian Johnson

Webinar with Brian Johnson

Hey Guys,

I'm really excited to be running a webinar this Tuesday with Brian Johnson, the creator of ComRitual.com and the guy who pulled in over $26,000 in commissions in a single week - most of which was generated from free search traffic.

In it, Brian's going to be sharing his cutting edge techniques that has brought about his stunning success. He'll also let you in on what he calls his "Golden Rule" for affiliate and internet marketing.

This should be a content packed event that you should not miss out on!

Update: Hey guys, the event is over and the recording is now available at:
Brian Johnson Webinar

It was a great webinar but I do apologize for the audio quality which is a little below par due to some microphone difficulties I was having. Don't let that stop you from learning some extremely valuable information.


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  • Reply Danielle Bernier3374 days ago

    Thanks Mark, this should be good!
    See you guys later.....

  • Reply Doug Wong3374 days ago

    Another great call and interview Mark. I was able to pull several good nuggets of info from this call. Talk soon!

  • Reply paulie693374 days ago

    Oh, no I got my times mixed up :( I registered early but for some silly reason I thought it commenced 5pm this afternoon - but I've just found out it's over! Will the webinar be uploaded for viewing?

  • Reply Moira Anthony3374 days ago

    Wow you missed some great stuff sorry to say but yes Mark did say that within the next couple of days they will make it available.

  • Reply Mark Ling3373 days ago

    Hey guys, the recording is now available at http://www.teleseminarrecordings.com/brianjohnson

    It was a great webinar but I do apologize for the audio quality which is a little below par due to some microphone difficulties I was having. Don't let that stop you from learning some extremely valuable information.

  • Reply BIll Kernodle3373 days ago

    Brian is saying to include a few links directly to Wikipedia or some other authority site from our site to theirs with no reciprocal link? A few throughout the website. or only the main page? I had not thought of that as I have been concentrating on incoming links.

  • Reply Patrick Otto3372 days ago

    I took some great notes to add to my Internet Marketing Bible. But has anyone ordered Brian Johnson's product yet. And if so can you tell us about it.

  • Reply Brian Pruitt3372 days ago

    Dude has the coolest first namer ever!

    His course is top notch so far. I love predicting future keywords. With this info Im gonna be the modern Internet Marketing Nostradamus of our lifetime (evil laugh)

    If you are on the fence jump on over this is a killer.


  • Reply Michael Thai3371 days ago

    I am confused. Is this product by Brian better than AffiloBlueprint? Seems like there are tons of resources everywhere.

  • Reply lorne3371 days ago

    Just wondering. For those who have gone through the comritual material, would it add anything significant to the Affiloblueprint or would it be more of a distraction? If you think it would be beneficial could you give me a quick example how so I can make an informed buying decision.



  • Reply JR Gautreaux3371 days ago

    I purchased Brian's product and I'm going through it now. I have 2 websites I'm working with using his techniques. So far his information is on the money and very good. I've actually been able to use it in combination with Mark's product. I did attend the webinar and thought Brian did a good job presenting his technique so I figured I would give his information a try as well.

  • Reply vince9743370 days ago

    I attended the webinar as it was with Mark interviewing another internet marketer. I enjoyed it but had to run before the end.

    I bought Brian system via Mark's link, and I'm reading through it. So far it's worth the money.
    I've found a lot of things consistent with what Mark teaches.
    Brian focuses essentially on SEO so I think his method is suitable for people looking to rank with SEO. Brian gives great ideas on researching niches and where people tend to spend money.
    I'll post a more complete review (lol) as I progress my reading through his method. At the moment busy working on publishing articles for my AB site ;-)

  • Reply Frank • 3370 days ago

    I was excited when your email said the recording was available for download. Disappointed to learn we used the term differently. It's just not realistic for me to spend two hours at my PC (wife, three young boys, you know, the usual stuff of life and work, etc.). Being able to download recordings for use on my Ipod would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Reply Patrick Otto3369 days ago

    I purchased it and am going through the videos now. no regrets great product! Brian is the Man! I look forward to applying his method.

  • Reply Jason Dodd3369 days ago

    @Frank I would suggest trying a Firefox add-on like DownloadHelper so you can download the mp4 to your PC, then if its not in the format for your ipod try something like Videora to convert it for ipod - has worked for me.

    Brians product is an optional extra for ABers wanting to take their SEO to the next level but if youre still mastering the basics then its best to just focus on AffiloBlueprint for now and save this for later.

  • Reply Chris Goddard3369 days ago

    Hi Frank - try Orbit http://www.orbitdownloader.com/
    If you use the Grab++ function you will be able to 'grab' the video and download it. Then there are many converters that will allow you to get into iPod format.

  • Reply Azlan • 3298 days ago

    Commission Ritual is a great product. Lots of new stuff and all the traffic are 100% free. But, newcomers might encounter lots of problems with this program, since the process is long and complicated.

  • Reply Maria Harrison • 3154 days ago

    The audio's not very good but I listened. Its vey informative.

  • Reply learning centre • 3148 days ago

    Certainly very informative informative. A number of pointers that I've added to my little "marketing bible". I look forward to the next installment of this.

    Great information and great post.


  • Reply Computer Repair London • 3087 days ago

    I checked it out, brilliant webinar (love that term, too!) I would love to get some webinars for my site which is a hair review site and now I know exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for posting, when will your next one be? I'm trying to get some affiliation going on my site and this has been a great help.

  • Reply Dan • 3033 days ago


    I heard about you last night when I told someone about my interest in affiliate marketing. I look forward to checking out your stuff.

  • Reply YouTube to MP3 • 2653 days ago

    I love the picture at the top of the page, your dog is absolutely cute! Great pic!

  • Reply Julissa • 2515 days ago

    No complaints on this end, smiply a good piece.

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