The affiliate marketer’s super simple guide to Twitter: Your daily plan

By Kim Ross
The affiliate marketer’s super simple guide to Twitter: Your daily plan


Twitter marketing receives a lot of attention these days, yet many affiliate marketers still struggle with how to make it work as an effective affiliate marketing tool. In fact, quite a few people I’ve spoken to recently aren’t sure if Twitter is even worth the effort.

Although Twitter doesn’t make affiliate marketers money in the literal way that a newsletter series or article marketing does, it’s still a very powerful weapon in your arsenal because it gives you a way to build relationships with people.

Last week I talked about why building relationships is so essential to email marketing, and addressed those that are skeptical about any ‘relationship building’ channel because the results aren’t immediately obvious to them. This concept also applies to social media marketing and you should read the full post here if you haven’t already.

 In a nutshell: People buy things from people they trust, so putting effort into establishing your credibility through online relationship building can win you loyal customers for life.

Now that we’re on the same page about why it is beneficial to build relationships using Twitter, let’s take a look at how to go about doing it.

Just to be clear, the goal of your Twitter profile is NOT:

a) To get the most followers you can. Twitter shouldn’t be used as a popularity contest. Not every follower is of equal value to you; you want to focus on the ones that are of most value.

b) To post a continuous stream of content or affiliate links at your followers until they block you.

The goal of your twitter profile is to build meaningful relationships that will in turn help you sell, and to do that you have to talk to your followers as friends.

Okay, so where do you start?

1. First up, you need a Twitter account. Go to Twitter and set one up (it’s easy!).

2. Secondly, I advise you put a call to action on your website for people to follow you on Twitter, and setup a retweet button on your blog. This is a good starting point for building your network of relevant ‘followers’ of your twitter account.

3. Thirdly, seek out and follow the Twitter profiles of key people and organizations in your niche, and any other people regularly posting great content that’s relevant.

Now, you’re ready to start tweeting. You'll receive your free daily Twitter plan via direct message (DM) that you can use as a guide to getting started simply by sharing the link below on your Twitter feed and following @Affilorama on Twitter:

Click here to share and get your FREE Daily Twitter Plan

(Note: As I have just demonstrated, a good way to increase your followers is by offering an incentive for them to follow you :))

Must-Have Tools to Streamline Your Tweets

You might be thinking that this Twitter business sounds like a time consuming, logistical nightmare - but it doesn’t need to be. There are scores of Twitter applications and services out there that can help you streamline your Twitter experience. A really useful one is SocialOomph. SocialOomph allows you to schedule your tweets to be posted ahead of time, and setup an automated DM for new followers - truly a ‘set and forget’ service.

The one thing you can’t do with SocialOomph is schedule @replies to people. And rightly so in my opinion. If you automate everything then you drastically reduce the opportunity to build effective relationships with people.

Another handy application is Echofon. You can install this on your Firefox status bar, making it easy for you to quickly read your own Twitter feed, see if you have any mentions (when people include @yourname in their tweets), post updates and @replies/mentions to people.

Now, there is also quite a bit of Twitter lingo and fancy pants tricks you can do but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of this when you’re just starting out. Twitter has a user-friendly help center where you can find answers to anything unusual you’re wondering about. Their glossary and Twitter basics are particularly useful.

Thinking this blog post seems a bit light on the juicy details? You’ll find them in our daily twitter plan for affiliate marketers that you’ll receive via DM when you follow Affilorama on twitter and share the link below. This will tell you exactly what you should be posting on Twitter to be most effective at relationship building and why. Go on, go and get it now.


todd bowman 14 years ago
Do you use tweet deck as well or just social omph? Can't decide. Also how do you create the links you put at the very end of this post?
Bill Wynne 14 years ago
Thanks for the Twitter information. Always looking for a couple little secrets to make things work better.

Mitch Belfry 14 years ago
Great post. I think Twitter is a great way to build a good relationship and become someone your followers can trust.
Abad 14 years ago
One thing I may stress is the fact that with twitter as with any other social media, perseverance is very important.
Billy Lockwood 14 years ago
i found that if you go to and enter your profile name it re-posts all your tweets and all your links that you have posted are in a follow format just a quick and easy and free way to get a couple backlinks, twitter is powerfull but often miss used for spaming
Dale B 14 years ago
Thanks for this post and the info. Twitter can be very frustrating with no plan. The shotgun approach dont work on a beast that size.
choice Gardening 14 years ago
Hi Mark
Twitter is great and I only started using it for my gardening website recently and already have 89 followers. So who knows how many will be on that list in 6 months, its also bringing traffic to my website which is great.

Regards Mark
Kim Ross 14 years ago
@All: Just a note that it can take a few hours for the DM with the plan to come through, so don't stress that you don't receive it immediately, it will be coming :)

@Namillets: Grab the url link text and replace the words after 'status=' with the status you'd like to use :)
Vance Sova 14 years ago
Hi Kim,

This post is very helpful. When you speak of some people wondering about the worthiness of twitter I too have wondered about that and even wrote a post asking people's input. If it weren't for the few people that encouraged me to give it another try, I would have probably decided that twitter gives very little return on the time invested.

Now I know that there are people who can use twitter to a great advantage. I hope to be among them in not so distant future.
Dan 14 years ago
Hootsuite is another social media client worth checking out. Allows you to not only follow all the conversation across multiple Twitter accounts, but also Facebook, LinkedIn etc. And it is free ....
Aqaba Hotel 14 years ago
Thanks for the great post, awaiting the DM.
Will I receive it if I was already following Affilorama and now I only retweeted this post?
nwangum 14 years ago
i love this post this blog.i will give it a try.
Gordon Jablonski 14 years ago
Read your article on the super simple Twitter daily plan and clicked on! and ended up with the "Create an account" screen for Twitter??? what's gone wrong? - Gordon
Best Internet Income Opportunity 14 years ago
Good advice about building relationships on Twitter - especially if you want to eventually market products on Twitter. Build that relationship first, then, you can market your products. But, be honest with your followers or you'll lose them.

JamestheJust on Elance 14 years ago
The sad truth is that this needed to be posted to begin with - it's really common sense when you think of it and boils down to the fact that nobody wants a robot on the other end. But everyone seems to think that's the point of anything, be it Twitter, Facebook, Digg or Reddit - etc. - people are on the other end.

Gotta think beyond the backlink and get back to marketing. Which gets back to the fact that we're PEOPLE and not CATTLE or Close Ratios - we're people.

Anyhow, Kim - great tips, and too true! Good stuff altogether. Two thumbs up and the big toes, too!
Kim Ross 14 years ago
@Aqaba Hotel: Unfortunately not, either PM me your twitter account and I'll send you the link, or unfollow us and then follow us again to receive it.
@Gordon Jablonski: You need to be logged in to Twitter to tweet the message, or if you don't have a Twitter account yet you will first need to create one :)
Adsense Money 14 years ago
Thank you for a great post. This reconfirms what I have been saying to my followers and clients. Plus it has given me some new knowledge which I plan to share asap.

Keep up the great work! :-)

Sue Fegan 14 years ago
Ok I am going to do this, some of us Baby Boomers get overwhelmed with this stuff. The only thing that has held me back is this. I keep asking here and there and get no answer!
If you have more than one website, more than one niche, which most people do---- How do you use one twitter account to get followers to different niches?
I can go in there and set one up for the green jetpack thing I am doing, but what do I do when I start the next one?
Will I have to get new emails for each niche to use for separate Twitter accounts?
These are the little details that throw me off--- :)
Thanks for your help
Kim Ross 14 years ago
Hi Sue, glad you're ready to get started! To get the most out of Twitter you will definitely need a separate Twitter account for each of your niches. I would suggest assigning your email addresses that correspond with your niche websites to each of your different accounts :)
powerhouse 14 years ago
Great article and thanks for the info!
Yanty bte Jadi 14 years ago
Thank you, I am new to twitter. This helps!
Vee Sweeney 14 years ago
Thank you for stressing how important building relationships and trust is to marketing online period. Customer service should not just start after the customer makes the purchase, it should start long before they make the purchase. For example, if I am in a physical store location browsing and the employees treat me right even if they know I am not buying that day, I am apt to go back to that store when I am ready to buy. But for the stores where employees ignore or are rude because I don't want to buy that second, I will not be back. The same holds true with affiliate marketing and trying to get that sale.
ronald reed 14 years ago
I greatly appreciate your info on twitter.It is very important to do things correctly when following such a large social phenomena as twitter.
carolee 14 years ago
There is a plugin for Wordpress called "tweet old post". It periodically tweets an older post from your blog to your twitter.

Staffing 14 years ago
Thanks for this great post Mark
I am aslo wondering if i will receive it if I was already following Affilorama?
Appreciate your info on twitter.
Sue Fegan 14 years ago
I do not know how to put a retweet button on my site.
What is the plug in where you say " yes to post to Twitter"
I do not know how to find other people posting relevant content so I can find them.
I do not know which 3rd party people I should be linking to as part of the daily plan. or how to find them I can do content or informational sites?
Should I do the ezine retweet thing?
I do not know what my first hello should sound like
I am in the green niche.
William King 13 years ago
I have the idea how to use twitter and how it is important to build a trust worthy relationship rather than focusing on to follow more people and blindly tweet links to your site. To make twitter useful first of all you need to find some people in your niche which are not acting like a spammer and they are very hard to find. Secondly I am not selling anything, but I have a website on which people buy and sell wholesale items in short it is a wholesale portal. So how should I promote it when dealing with the people in my niche?
harjit singh 13 years ago
It is a great post. Tons of help I have got from it. I was not aware about the so useful posts in the Affilorama before, so I have decided to be in touch with forum regularly.

Roy 13 years ago
Thanks for the information. Getting started with Twitter can be a little confusing. Sort of hard to be relevant in such short bursts.

My current pet peeve: Affiliate Marketers who hide themselves with no contact info so you cannot get help if you try to use their stuff and get lost in a tangle of techie talk.
Viola 13 years ago
I had a Twitter account for over a year now and I am only starting to get into tweeting now. The more I use it and explore it the more I like it.

I found to be a very useful tool in getting targeted followers and managing my twitter acccount. It's free and easy to use.

Happy tweeting ...I am a babyboomer and I have to admit I still find it funny when I tell people I "tweet" :), the word is still funny to use....

11 years ago
This is one of the best articles I've read this new year on twitter. It has given me some refreshing ideas to act on. Thank you, and do your twitter thing ...
11 years ago
This is very useful marketers information and guide. Being more resourceful always provides an edge over your competition! Thanks for your excellent ideas!

Reggie 10 years ago
Admiring the time and energy you put into your site and detailed information you present. It's great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same old rehashed information. Excellent read! I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.