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Don’t want to put in the hard yards building relationships with your list? Then don’t waste my time!

Don’t want to put in the hard yards building relationships with your list?  Then don’t waste my time!

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet and I hope you’re not part of the group that’s causing it.

The subset of affiliate marketers I’m talking about are characterized by the following:

They want short cuts, things done fast, and reward with no effort.

Wouldn’t we all! But what really irks me is when they sniff at the thought of developing a relationship with subscribers to their email list or social media groups and ask:

“Can I actually sell through this channel, or is it for relationship building only?”

That question isn’t valid!

I extend an invitation to anyone who thinks they can successfully and repeatedly sell without first forming some kind of relationship with the buyer to please enlighten us on how they do this.

Let me clarify again why you must put effort into relationship building for all those who disregard such practices as a mere waste of time and simply want to cut to the chase and sell:

Relationship Building = Sales

Relationship Building ≠ Waste of Time

In a recent blog post I covered newsletter incentives and call to action language that speaks to your customer. The question now is: how do you treat your customer once they’re on your list?

Well, who are your customers and how do they want to be treated? What do they want from you?

To create the relationship you want, what you say must resonate with the reader. This means you need to get inside their heads and appeal to their needs and desires.

Sound a bit tricky? It doesn’t need to be. If your newsletter incentive and call to action are getting a targeted bunch of people signed up, then you probably already know a lot about them.

You know that they are curious about the subject area of your newsletter series, and this means they are more than just a little bit interested in your niche - they are intensely interested in it. In fact, they will relish the informative and educational emails you send, lapping up all that they can on the topic for as long as they remain captivated.

So how do you keep them captivated? Psychological triggers must be crafted into your writing in order for you to sustain the connection that makes the reader go “oh yeah, that’s me. Wow, you’re answering all my questions right when they occur to me”.

We’ve all heard this line before: “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it”. This sentiment applies to the written word too, as every word is laden with emotions. Painting a picture with your words so the reader can imagine him or herself with the product is crucial to priming your subscribers to make a purchase. You can do this by creating a feeling of involvement or ownership with the reader and your words.

Let’s say you’re writing for the dog training niche:

 “Stops dogs barking with Product X”

 “Your cute puppy will be quiet and content with Product X”.

Both of these sentences tell the reader the same information, but they convey different emotional messages. The latter makes it easier for the reader to imagine a happy scenario by using product X due to the personal language appealing directly to the reader, and the words describing the benefits of stopping a dog barking. Consequently, a stronger relationship between you and the reader can be formed, leading to a higher likelihood of sales.

Establishing credibility is another factor that goes a long way towards creating a relationship that is going to increase your conversions. People seek out advice from those that they trust, and trust comes from being honest and sincere. Your readers are smart; if you’re falling short on these values then so too will your sales.

Frequency of communication is the final factor I want to draw your attention to (see this blog post if you’re wondering ‘how often?’).  I can’t stress enough the need to make use of the opportunity that your email list gives you to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with your subscribers. Don’t miss out on this!

Yes, writing these relationship-building emails is damned hard work at first. But when you think about it, what are a few weeks of blood, sweat and tears when you can enjoy literally years of benefit and autopilot income as a result? In a few months, you won’t even remember what you suffered to get there. It’s like making new friends – there is a period of initial awkwardness and effort, but it is so worth it for years of good times together.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s post that will tell you how you can use Twitter to interact and build rapport with your subscribers too.

Have you got some relationship building tricks up your sleeve that work for your subscriber base? Do tell!


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  • Reply Cory Grassell • 3541 days ago

    Excellent points! So much effort and attention is often dedicated to capturing leads and growing your database of prospects. But then what? What's a big list if none of those potential candidates can be converted into new sales? The next stop for marketers is to foster those relationships.

  • Reply Marlene Wheeler3541 days ago

    The part about psychological triggers is extremely important, just don't say a bunch of words to your prospective client, make them FEEL what you're trying to communicate to them, get them emotional about your product; now you've got something, a relationship.

  • Reply aspergers syndromes symptoms • 3541 days ago

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  • Reply Don Reese3540 days ago

    Hey Mark, How come you recommend a product that costs $2000.00 that they say a broke Mother made a fortune off of? Where didshe get the money

  • Reply Richard Oneil Long3540 days ago

    Great comment and the truth has never been said more eloquently. True relationships are more valuable than anything in my humble opinion. Very well said Kim.

  • Reply Barry Desautels3539 days ago

    Good post Kim. Many newbies don't seem to realize that building a relationship working with words is much harder than doing so in person. It takes time and lots of practice. They need to understand patience and keep learning.

  • Reply Bill Hickey3539 days ago

    Relationship? If I didn't feel some sort of personal connection to a marketer that made him or her a fellow human interested in me... I'd go somewhere else.

  • Reply Darryl Hudson3539 days ago

    I often talk about relationship off-line, there the one single the most valuable asset you can have in life, when you have a great relationship with your subscriber and they trust you well....The Sky Is The Limit !

    One of my techniques for relationship building is providing training to my subscriber list since I target new marketer, most of these guys don't know how to where to start. I remember first starting online I had no ideal where to start from, I've learn that most vet's in marketing just simply want Email you offers never teaching you how to use their products and services.

    I read an article from Jimmy Brown where he describes assume your list know nothing about what their purchasing , nothing about the niche, and simply guide them thru the "Training Process" them and helping them make their businesses work.

    This has work on myself and I think it with work with my subscriber also, I trust someone when they take the time to teach me How It Works. I'll anwser their Email I'll look at their offers but for those who just keep Emailing me with offer after offer they get unsubscribe quickly.

    You have to provide some sort of benfit to your subscriber list or they will leave your list, by helping them they will help you for years to come, and psychological they trust you, their triggers are within reach.

    I'm in the process of adding free training video to my site I think that my list would enjoy having some where to find training, and also I think my site will get bookmarked by other too and this should increase traffic as we as PR with google because we all need more traffic.

  • Reply Mark • 3538 days ago

    Your posts are always right on the money. This is why I am a subscriberand have you on my
    facebook page.
    Thank you very much.

  • Reply Ghani Tuamanuka3538 days ago

    Excellent! The best thing that I have come accross.
    Keep shining the light.

  • Reply Fauzul Helmi3536 days ago

    Does this relationship building practice for product owner or for their affiliates?

  • Reply 3534 days ago

    Building relationships takes time, but in the long run will pay off big.

  • Reply MartinJohnPrice • 3534 days ago

    Always reply to comments, emails and conversations where someone has taken time to write directly to you. Difficult I know if your mailing list is 10000! However if it's that size then just pick folks at random and surprise them every now and then by quoting them. These subscribers wont stick around long if all you do is spam them with sales pages or links. If potential subscribers see the relationship you have with your followers it will be easier to build your list even more!

    Nice work, thanks

  • Reply Lars Vraa3533 days ago

    Great tips thanks, I have been considering focusing more on building and marketing through a list on my site tripwiremagazine.com for quite some time...but I actually find it a bit hard and advice like this is great. I understand it is the #1 way to make an income online and probably a lot better than getting affiliate sales from articles. I'm a bit new here on affilorama so - hi everyone.

  • Reply Kim Ross3531 days ago

    @Darrylhudson: You're quite right, thinking about how important relationships are offline is a good way to put it into perspective just how important they are online! You're attitude towards subscribers seems very sincere and I'm sure it's going to get you a long way.

    @Lvraa: Welcome to Affilorama! I understand where you're coming from - everything's always a lot easier said than done ;)

  • Reply Tom • 3526 days ago

    The real money is not just on building the list but more so on building the relationship with the list...I think all marketers understood this concept well...

  • Reply Grant Knott3524 days ago

    Yeh, nice one Mark, I'm currently doing the Challenge by Ed Dale and the gang but always find your blog and posts very helpful, that's the reason I am still on your list and I'm pretty sure one day I'll buy one of your products. Thank you...Grant

  • Reply Eamonn Riley3523 days ago

    I'm currently building out one of the jetpacks and quickly discovering that time spent honing the follow up emails is really well spent. It's given me a fantastic insight into the niche and has really helped me start to get inside the minds of my potential subscribers. I am already anticipating some of the questions in their minds because they are occurring to me as I learn more about the niche. I've also been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support and resources available from many of the product suppliers. Good choices, Mark and team. Slowly but surely is the way for me. Eamonn at ervomedia.

  • Reply Promotional Products • 3510 days ago

    Very well said, that importance of relationship building can't be understated. Not only will they translate into sales, but the relationships that you build can lead to other relationships and even more sales.

  • Reply Scott Elmore3495 days ago

    Remember this...ALL relationships must first be built on a foundation of Friendship, that Friendship comes from a connection that is made. from there you can build upon it and create whatever structure you wish.
    I am a newbie at this, but I know a few things. With visitors, or customers just like in real life...they are looking for something. maybe they are lonely, maybe they want the unique item, or newest. Maybe they want to shop to feel important, maybe they want info. Just Maybe you are the one to make their day. No matter what the reason, they are now on your mailing list.
    It's your job to complete them, in return they will most likely complete you. We are not just salespeople, Internet Marketers, and so on...We provide a service to those who are looking.

    Ask yourself, what are you looking for? have you found it yet? If you answered yes, you have found it. Then what is it, and why?
    Think back long ago when you were searching and you stopped here. what made you stop? what made you stay? I'd be willing to bet you felt like it was something you desired, perhaps a connection, maybe that email really made sense or hit a nerve.
    Nobody is saying become best friends with your clients, they are just saying develop a relationship.
    Good day

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