Niche of the Week: Music Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Niche of the Week: Music Affiliate Programs


I know this week's Niche of the Week is a bit surprising. I was a bit surprised myself, when I first started researching this niche. I know there are affiliate programs for the musically inclined (such as Jamorama and Singorama), but I didn't really think there was such an abundance of music affiliate programs. Then again, if there are affiliate programs for coffee  and makeup, then I suppose affiliate programs for the music industry aren't all that strange.

The music industry includes the record companies, sound engineers, composers, performers, music teachers, vocal coaches, even musical instrument manufacturers. Music is a billion-dollar industry with much of its revenue coming from record sales.

The digital age has brought a huge change to the music business. According to an article published on CNN Money back in 2010, sales of music records have fallen on average of 8 percent per year since 2000. Apparently, the iTunes Store is now the largest music store in the US. Music and video streaming where one can listen to music and watch music videos have given music aficionados freedom to access their favorite tunes whenever and wherever.

So what does this have to do with an average affiliate marketer such as yourself? These numbers translate into commissions from several potential music affiliate programs.

Musical Keywords

"Music" as a keyword is too vague. So is "download music." Despite the fact that it has high monthly search values and medium competition, it's just too broad a keyword.

Download Music - Traffic Travis

If this is the route you want to go, It would help to have a specific music genre in mind. Picking out several music products to promote would also help, so make sure to have these before you hunt for keywords. Knowing which group of music lovers you're targeting and which products you're going to promote will dictate the keywords you'll look for and pick. For example, if you're into ABBA and all those great '70s songs, then your keywords would contain either the performer's name, the actual song, or the genre. Phrases such as "download Dancing Queen ABBA" are more targeted than "download music."

There are other markets to target, too, such as musical instruments, or as I've found out, software that you can use to create and mix music. There are specific product keywords you can use too. If you're recommending a particular brand of guitars, then you can target keywords with buyer intent, like "buy rhythm guitar"

Buy Rhythm Guitar - Traffic Travis Results

The search results bring up several different keywords, with "buy guitar" having high competition. You can choose to target just "rhythm guitar." It has more monthly search values, but lower competition. I would definitely target the keyword with lower competition, but I also look for a good balance on my list: keywords with high buyer intent mixed with information or how-to keywords.

Music Affiliate Programs

As mentioned early on in this article, there's Jamorama and Singorama. These music affiliate programs are both found in ClickBank, along with several others.


Jamorama Affiliate Program

Jamorama teaches guitar through online video lessons. Affiliates receive 75 percent commission on new subscriptions, with each subscription giving a further 25 percent commission from recurring fees.

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano Affiliate Program

Rocket Piano is similar to Jamorama, but it focuses on teaching piano.  Like Jamorama, Rocket Piano gives affiliates 75 percent commission for each download edition of Rocket Piano and 25 percent for each physical copy.


PianoForAllAffiliate Program

PianoForAll is another learn-to-play-the-piano course. The lessons are a combination of eBooks and audio and video lessons. The affiliate commissions are slightly lower, at 60 percent for each sale.


Singorama Affiliate Program

Singorama is another popular music affiliate program in ClickBank, providing singing lessons online. Affiliates receive 70 percent of each sale.

Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method Affiliate Program

Superior Singing Method is another affiliate program in ClickBank that offers online singing lessons. Affiliates earn a 75 percent commission for each sale.


BTV Solo Affiliate Program

The music industry is not just made up of performers. There are also music producers who like to create electronic music from within the comfort of their homes. BTVSolo offers software that turns your computer into a music studio. BTVSolo offers affiliates 60 percent to 70 percent commission.


DrDrum Beat Maker Affiliate Program

Dr.Drum is another beat-making software, similar to BTVSolo, but offering a higher commission at 75 percent per sale. Dr.Drum has a lot of resources for affiliates and even offers a course for affiliates free of charge.

The music affiliate programs I've mentioned so far are all found in ClickBank. There are other affiliate programs in this niche that you can become part of, too. Some of them are as follows:

iTunes Store

iTunes Affiliate Program

The Apple iTunes store is the biggest music vendor across the globe. It started out as a music download site where you could purchase and download songs. It now offers films, apps, and television programs along with music downloads.

Apple runs its own affiliate program so you need only fill out the sign-up form on the site. I am unable to locate information about the commission affiliates receive, though.


eMusic Affiliate Program

eMusic claims to be the "first digital music store." eMusic began in 1998 and has grown its music collection to 13 million downloadable tracks in addition to a wide selection of audiobooks. eMusic has an expansive compilation of indie albums and stock releases for music aficionados.

You need to be a Commission Junction affiliate in order to promote their website. As an eMusic affiliate, you will get USD $6 for each new free trial sign-up. Even better is you get to keep this commission even if the trial member does not renew his or her subscription.

Musician's Friend

Musician's Friend Affiliate Program

Musician's Friend has an extensive store of musical instruments and accessories, with international shipping and prices displayed in the user's local currency. The affiliate program is run through Commission Junction, too, and affiliates earn 6 percent commission for each sale.

Ways to Let Your Sound Be Heard

The following are some link-building methods you can use to create links to your site and drive traffic to it. Your site may still be in its initial stages, but having at least a rough strategy of how you'll go about building links to your site will help save time later, when you actually start the process.

Blog and Forum Commenting

There are numerous blogs and forums relating to music that you can participate in. This also means plenty of competition, but participating in forums and commenting on these other websites helps even it out. Make sure you read and follow the terms of use for the forum you're posting on. Always aim to add to the discussion, and when applicable and possible, link back to a related post on your own site.

Blog and forum commenting can be tedious but it's a strong, solid ways to build your reputation within the niche. It's important that your comments are helpful and add value to the discussion. Keep in mind that the people you're interacting with may be your site's future visitors and customers.

Social Media Marketing

News and other content travels fast through social media sites. If you want to go "viral," then make sure your content is shared repeatedly on social media sites. It's important for businesses now to have a Facebook page or Twitter account. The same is true for websites. If you want your site to be seen and heard, then make sure you do plenty of content-sharing through major social media sites.

Like blog and forum commenting, social media marketing is a great way to get traffic to your site while building your site's reputation. Don't share your content exclusively; share links to entertaining articles or interesting videos that you find, too.

Reverse Engineering

This has to be one of the easier methods of building links. You use SEO tools such as Traffic Travis or Affilotools and check the sites your competitors have built links to. You can then go to these same sites and create backlinks to your own site. This method can sometimes lead to you finding better links. At the very least, you're using the same sources as your competition to outrank them.

Music and Marketer: Perfect Harmony?

This is one niche where skill is not necessary: You don't need to know how to play the guitar, or how to sing. You just need to like and be interested in music.

If you do want to master the skills, you can even make a blog about your own progress. You can recommend products, and track your progress on your blog. You're earning online and learning something new at the same time.

The competition could be a problem, so it's important to have a game plan early on. The commissions may not seem much, but over time, you can earn considerable income from this niche.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Niche of the Week! If you did, use the Share buttons below to pass it on. Let me know what you think and leave a comment!

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beat maker 10 years ago
you mention in your post to target lower competition. If i'm correct those keyword stats are taken from Adwords keyword planner? if they are then those competition stats are depended on the competition within Adwords. It has nothing to do with the competition within the organic search results. I would generally target medium keywords as it shows that people are interested in it and they are bidding on keywords within adwords
Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago

The keyword search results above are from Traffic Travis, but yes, the date is from the Google Keyword Planner.

The competition may refer to the competition in Google Adwords, but the basis for the competition in Google Adwords tend to be based on how a keyword is performing on the SERPs. Conversion is also factored in : if the keyword you're looking at has buyer intent like "buy guitar" then you can expect that to have high competition despite the keyword having lesser monthly search than the others in its group.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
Moe Muise (Keywords Blogger) 10 years ago
Great article and interesting niche for affiliate marketing, Cecille.

FYI, I've read that iTunes pays 5% commission on purchases made within 72 hours of clicking an affiliate's link.

Another way to tackle the music niche: create your own information product. A quick way to do this is to choose a sub-niche from the keywords you've listed above (for example, you could choose the "rhythm guitar" niche) and do a quick survey using paid traffic.

I've done niche research in dozens of niches (from health conditions to farm animals) and have used Bing Search to run quick surveys. You can gather a ton of great information on what people are looking for by running surveys this way. Then you just need to analyze the data and have a product created!

Once again, great article!

Moe Muise

Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago
Hi Moe,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked my post.

Thanks for sharing your tip too. I'm sure other Affilorama members will find that helpful. :)

Have a good day!

Stuart Walker 10 years ago
Nice post. Hadn't looked at music affiliate programs myself but I was aware there was plenty of learn to play musical instrument guides and courses.

Beat Maker, if the OP was using the information from the Google Keyword Planner to decide what was low competition then you are right they don't understand the data displayed.

The data in Adwords shows Adwords competition not SEO competition.

You need a keyword research tool to get more information (or you can do manually but it's time consuming), to see what the SEO and IM experts recommend check out this post...
Merv Hass 10 years ago
Hi Cecille

Is there an easy way to find all your niches of the week.

thank you for your time
Gina Broom 10 years ago
Hi Merv,

Try this:

You can usually enter searches in the top right corner of Affilorama to find specific topics :)

Let me know if the link doesn't work for you or you want to know anything else.

- Gina
Gan To 10 years ago
Hello Cecille,

Thank you for your informative post. I am taking extra time going through Step 1 in AffiloBlueprint.

Some of the ClickBank products fall outside filtered area of 6 to 25 gravity. I am also aware that some of interesting products that I want to promote yesterday or today would go outside this filtered area. For example: Jamorama is a product that I would like to promote, but today it has higher gravity outside of the 6 to 25 area. I try not to obsess to much (it seems like I am). Should I be concerned about this or should I just go along with the guide that AfilloBlueprint has recommended?.....
Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago
Hi Gan,

A gravity of 6 to 25 is just a guide you can follow but you can promote products that go beyond this number. Products with higher gravity usually mean there are plenty of affiliates who are promoting and earning from the product so a high gravity is a good sign. I wouldn't go lower than a gravity of 6, but then again a low gravity could mean the product has just been released so it doesn't have as much affiliates and sales yet.

I wouldn't obsess about the gravity so much. It's one of the factors to look at when picking products. You still have to look at the product sales page and reviews too before deciding.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
Melissa Johnson 10 years ago
@Merv, use this link:

I just did a quick search using the search box. =)
John Nelson 10 years ago
Zzsounds has a fabulous program. They were where I was going to start.
Amuro Wesley 10 years ago
I might consider getting a domain name for musical instruments and music through AffiloDomain Registration

It will also be my first site set up through Affilo Hosting.
Alex 10 years ago
I have found live music affiliates, eg selling tickets, is the most profitable part of music affiliate marketing.

My best converting one is Unsigned Gigs, which is on ClixGalore
emanuel 10 years ago
How does some one get approved through commission junction to be able to promote the music programs like apple. Im sure they won't let just anyone promote? For example say I build a website around music downloads but its a new domain with no authority is there around this? Any info on getting approved would be greatly appreciated.
Gina Broom 10 years ago
Hi Emanuel,

Basically, the main thing most affiliate programs want to know is that your website is genuine (not spammy/out to make a quick buck without giving value to site visitors).

If you are promoting products genuinely, and you provide quality information and value to site visitors, you shouldn't have too much problem :)

Most affiliate programs will also outline what they're looking for, and what they DON'T want, so have a quick read of that first and check that your site is in line with those guidelines.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions,
- Gina
michael 9 years ago
Nice post, I've just recently created a website on house music . However, I wanted to find out the best affiliate program for it in terms of song sales apart from itunes. Are there profitable partner programs for free mp3 downloads?
Cecille Loorluis 9 years ago
Hi Michael,

I am unable to find any free MP3 downloads that have an affiliate program. There are probably a few out there, but I don't think they would be running a any affiliate program that you can actually make an income from. They aren't charging for anything on their site which means they get money off the ads on their website. They might make a lot out of that but they will invest that on to paid ads too, not affiliates.

But I will look into this further and let you know if I do find one.

eMusic offers MP3 downloads, but not free of charge. You have to subscribe to their monthly membership.

MP3 Obsession ( also offers MP3 downloads for a fee.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!

Dibakar Bala 7 years ago
There is money in every niche. It is just the fact that to earn from competitive niche like Music, one needs to go ahead with a sub niche.
Rob 7 years ago
I’ve just posted a new vocal training course called ‘The 4 pillars of singing’ on ClickBank for my client Robert Lunte.

I know this thread is quite old now - do you still consider signing as a good niche for affiliates, Cecille?
Cecille Loorluis 7 years ago
Hi Rob,

It's one of those niches that are always a good place to start. I will look into this niche again and see how this particular niche is doing.

All the best!
Ryry Flex 6 years ago
Would like to join
Cecille Loorluis 6 years ago
Hi there,

Which are you referring to : joining the affiliate programs mentioned on the above post, or joining Affilorama? If you mean the above affiliate programs, you can click on the link in each and you will be taken to their website.

If you want to join Affilorama, you can register for free at

All the best!
Aliu 5 years ago
hello admin pls help i cj didn't accept my website
rahul kumawat 5 years ago
The music keywords are really helpful. I was wondering for a long time where could I find them. It would have been really helpful if you would have listed the music-making software. Many here want to use such platforms
greg mathews 5 years ago
I would be interested in doing a whole site devoted to rock/metal etc guitar, ie tutorials, info etc., but i'm not sure if that would monetize easily. Then again, i've read of a guy who makes 100k per month writing about weeds in the garden, lol.

Also, any ideas about whether a pet care blog would have a lot of competition and make any cash? I wanna add some PETA & animal rights stuff in there too...