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Beauty Blog 101: Makeup Affiliate Programs to Help Get You Started

Beauty Blog 101: Makeup Affiliate Programs to Help Get You Started

I read the title of this post and I hear a collective groan from our male affiliate marketers. Beauty Blog? Beauty Blog!? Like, what is that? 

For all of those not in the know, a beauty blog is a blog with a focus on fashion and makeup. It's really all about makeup, but some bloggers have expanded to include fashion in their content. After all, a pretty face goes perfectly with a pretty frock. 

Beauty blogs publish makeup reviews like this and feature how-to articles or videos like this one. The average blog starts out as a personal repository of one's experience, likes and dislikes, adventures and misadventures. 

I can see a few of our gentlemen readers cringing. I'm sure you're going to hit that red "X" on the top right of your browser any minute now, but please hear me out. Beauty blogs are big these days, and they're going to get bigger. You might want to pay a bit of attention (and get your wife or girlfriend to read this post with you!). 

So Just How Big is the Makeup Niche?

People love to look good, and it shows: The cosmetics industry is HUGE. 

The cosmetics industry is definitely a large one, with an estimated annual worldwide turnover of USD $170 billion. You can see the consistent growth of the industry on this graph by Statista:

Yep, those numbers are in the 50s and 60s of billions of dollars. In the U.S. alone, that much money is being poured into these products every single year. And it just keeps growing! This infographic from MapsofWorld.com, "Are We Obsessed With The Way We Look?" details how much the global population spends on beauty.

There's a strong need in all of us to look good, and this is why these types of blogs are growing in numbers. They're not limited to women, either: There are beauty blogs for men, too. 

What's the Competition Like?

A high level of demand often means a high level of competition. That doesn't mean you can't do it, you've just got to be savvy with your keywords. 

You can skip this part and jump right into the makeup affiliate programs you can promote, but I suggest you don't. There's plenty of competition in the cosmetics/skincare niche, and it pays to look at how you can outsmart the competition by targeting the right keywords. 

To start, we must ask a common question: Is it "makeup" or "make up"? The two are similar; however, "makeup" refers to lipstick, eye shadow and all other things applied to the face, while "make up" is a verb that can refer to the act of applying makeup. 

In AffiloTools, though, they mean the same thing, and variations of both have a medium-high difficulty:

So we need to get more specific. Just from this search I've managed to find some keywords that are commonly searched for but don't have a great deal of competition. 

The types of keywords you'll want to home in on for your website content or ad campaigns should revolve around specific terms with a lot of searches but less competition. In this case, for example, you might want to consider "Makeup looks" or "Wedding makeup" or "natural eye makeup" as keywords for blog topics. 

If you go ahead with any of the affiliate program options that I've outlined below, make sure to do some further keyword research to ensure your success. If you're generating keywords to use as content topics, try this method here. The AffiloTools Keyword Research module makes keyword research like this easy, so feel free to check it out and have a play around. 

When coming up with keyword ideas for this niche, don't forget to try "how-to" phrases, such as "how to put on eyeliner." 

10 Affiliate Programs for Your Beauty Blog 

Here they are! The 10 best makeup affiliate programs for you to choose from to promote on your blog. 

I've tracked down some of the most popular brands and products in the cosmetics industry so that you can find out everything you need to know about them here and now. In no particular order, here are the top 10 makeup affiliate programs: 


elf Affiliate Program

1. e.l.f. Cosmetics

About e.l.f.
e.l.f. Cosmetics is a makeup brand well-known all over the world. The company offers everything from lipstick to makeup brushes to nail polish.

How much can I make?
Affiliates receive a 5% commission for each sale. 

How do I apply?
The affiliate page is outdated, as it links to the CJ Affiliate network where the program is no longer active. However, I found e.l.f. on the Rakuten Marketing (LinkShare) affiliate network, so if you'd like to sign up to promote produs an affiliate you can apply to do so there. 

Sigma Affiliate Program

2. Sigma Beauty

About Sigma
Sigma Beauty is a fast-growing cosmetics company recognized not just for its makeup line, but for its innovative makeup brushes as well. There's a neat 'affiliate spotlight' page here where you can see how other makeup blog affiliates are doing. 


How much can I make?
Sigma offers a 10% commission on all sales. If you do really well the program has rewards systems, with giveaways and cash bonuses.   

How do I apply?
You can apply for the Affiliate program via the Sigma affiliate signup page here

Benefit Cosmetics Affiliate Program

3. Benefit Cosmetics

About Benefit 
Benefit Cosmetics is a San Francisco–based makeup manufacturer popular for its pretty, original packaging. The world-famous "Benetint" is a rose-colored cheek and lip tint.

How much can I make?
Benefit offers affiliates a 4-7% commission on sales.

How do I apply?
You can find the affiliate information on the Benefit affiliate page here. You can apply through the Rakuten Marketing (LinkShare) network here

BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

4. BH Cosmetics

About BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics is a manufacturer of reasonably-priced cosmetics. Like other makeup brands, it offers everything from eye shadow palettes to makeup brushes.

How much can I make?
At 15% per sale, this is one of the higher commission rates for makeup products. The program also offers monthly incentives. 

How do I apply?
Once again we have a brand that operates through Rakuten Marketing. You can search for BH Cosmetics there, or get more information about the affiliate program here

ULTA Affiliate Program


About ULTA

ULTA is a group of beauty stores in the US. The company offers skincare products and fragrances for both men and women, on top of its extensive makeup line. 

How much can I make?
Ulta affiliates get between 5 and 7% commission depending on the total amount they have earned in the month.

How do I apply?
Ulta runs its affiliate program through CJ Affiliate by Conversant. You can signup and search for the program there, or learn more about the ULTA affiliate program here


6. Avon

About Avon
Avon has been marketing through word of mouth and third parties for longer than just about anyone. Does the term "Avon lady" bring anything to mind? There is a huge range of makeup products here that you can promote as an affiliate. 


How much can I make?
Avon offers a 6% commission on all sales, with opportunities for bonuses. 

How do I apply?
You can apply to join the Avon affiliate program on the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network

Black Opal

7. Black Opal Beauty

About Black Opal
Black Opal is a cosmetics company that specializes in "issues specific to skin of color". These products would be great for a sub-niche site or blog post that addresses makeup techniques for darker skin tones. 


How much can I make?
Black Opal offers a 6% commission on all sales. 

How do I apply?
You can apply to be an affiliate with Black Opal on the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network

pur minerals

8. Pür Minerals Cosmetics

About Pür Minerals
Pür Minerals has a range of cosmetics and skincare products that are made without animal testing and manufactured mostly made in the USA. The company prides itself on being eco-friendly, and the best sellers are foundations and other skincare products. 


How much can I make?
There's a 5% commission to be made here. 

How do I apply?
You can find more information about Pür Minerals and apply for the affiliate program under "Astral Brands" on the CJ Affiliate network


9. Colorescience

About Colorescience
Colorescience is a "premier luxury mineral makeup line." It focuses on makeup products with high-quality ingredients that are easy to use and great for the skin. 


How much can I make?
Colorescience offers affiliates a 10% commission. 

How do I apply?
You can find all that you need to know about Colorescience on their Affiliates page or apply for their affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network

Elizabeth Arden

10. Elizabeth Arden

About Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Aden is a very prestigious beauty company with everything from anti-aging skincare products to perfumes. The company also claims to offer "trend-setting color" with its cosmetics. 


How much can I make?
Elizabeth Arden offers affiliates a 5% commission. 

How do I apply?
You can learn more about Elizabeth Arden and apply for its affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network.

Nanshy Affiliate Program

11. Nanshy

About Nanshy
Your makeup palette is no use if you do not have the right brushes and sponges to apply them to your face. Nanshy offers well-crafted makeup brushes to promote along with the other make up affiliate programs here.

How much can I make?
Nanshy affiliates get 10% commission on all sales. It may not be much but as their affiliate, you get 25% on your own purchases of Nanshy products.

How do I apply?
You can register as an affiliate through the Nanshy Affiliate Program page.

Scentbird - Makeup Affiliate Programs

12. Scentbird

Scentbird is a subscription service for perfumes and colognes. Scentbird was created for the pickiest girl (or boy), allowing you the chance to “date” luxury fragrances before “marrying” them. With Scentbird, you get access to a 30-day supply of over 450 top designer fragrances delivered right to your door

How much can I make?
US$14 per sale.

How do I apply?
You can sign up from their affiliates page


Found these beauty blog affiliate programs useful? Share the news! :)

How to Promote Your Beauty Blog

No blog promotes itself. These are the best methods for promoting a beauty blog. 

A beauty blog is like any other website or blog, and you can promote it through most conventional methods, such as social media marketing. You can't use every tactic at once, so like I've always said, have a link-building plan or strategy guide to get you started. This will help you define your SEO and link-building goals and determine which methods work best for your site. Here are some other methods you can use to promote your beauty blog: 

  • YouTube Marketing

Put all those how-to videos to good use. Make sure your videos are properly optimized and contain either your affiliate link or a link to the related content on your site. You may refer to this excellent information on video marketing: "Video Content: Super Fun! Super Effective." You can also learn how to link back to your website (if you have one) from YouTube with this lesson on associated website annotations

  • Blog and Forum Posting 

There are a lot of other beauty blogs. Don't be a snob! These blogs may be competition, but they are still in the same niche, so participating in discussions will do a lot more good for your site than harm. 

Participating in blogs often leads to guest posting, since the website owner or blogger gains enough information about you through your comments to trust you. A guest post is great because it not only brings traffic to the site, but also gives you a backlink or two. 

We actually teach you how to promote your site on websites and blogs in AffiloBlueprint, so if you're interested in this method I'd check that out. It also teaches you how to build your blog, so if you're thinking you'd like to build a beauty blog but haven't yet, then I'd most definitely recommend it. 

  • Content Strategy

It's important that your site is always up-to-date with the current makeup trends as well as popular products. Reading up on what's new will help with the planning and research of your posts so that you will be able to publish on a regular basis. 

We have a whole variety of free lessons on content creation right here, but first I'd check out the blog post about building a strong content strategy here

Remember that there are also other forms of content, like videos and infographics, that you can create for your site so as not to bore your readers. Keep a working schedule of where and when new posts are published and what they contain.

Having a few make-up tutorials as your core content with some updated info coming out regularly on a blog is a great way to go. This might sound like a lot of work, but new beauty products are coming out all the time. The more you keep your website up to date with the latest and greatest, the more you'll encourage a following of people looking for MORE MAKEUP. 

  • Email Marketing

Speaking of new products coming out all the time, if you build a mailing list you can make sales to people over and over again rather than losing them when they leave your site. This is especially useful for any niche that has a high rate of new products and deals, and luckily for you, this is one of those niches. You can check out our free lessons on email marketing here

Can Beauty Blogs Give Way to Pretty Profits? 

There are some low commission rates and high competition here which provides a challenge, but there's a lot of demand for these products so there's definitely potential. 




Looking at the commissions these makeup affiliate programs give to affiliates, this isn't going to be as lucrative as other niches unless you can get a lot of traffic and sales. In saying that, the popularity of this niche means that there is potential for you to do just that with the right marketing techniques. 

You want to aim for a target audience of the kind of readers who like to go for a beauty "haul" (where they purchase lots of products at one time). 

To beat out the high competition and conquer the low commission rates of these products, you really will need to constantly update your site with new content so as not to lose your readers and their interest. That's going to be a major challenge, particularly if you're not a writer. 

Despite all this, a beauty blog is very appealing to me. For one thing, this is a niche where lady affiliate marketers with a passion for makeup and fashion can really dominate. You may not get paid much as far as commissions go, but some of those makeup affiliate programs offer freebies and/or affiliate discounts on makeup purchases that can more than make up for it.

This niche is definitely for those with a love for fashion and makeup. If you're such a man or woman, then go for it! I'm sure that it's going to be an enjoyable, rewarding endeavor for you. 


Note: I HATE spam as much as you do. Your email address will never be given out to any 3rd parties.


Before you go I'd love to ask, do you know of any good makeup affiliate programs that I've missed? What types of makeup products are you interested in promoting? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Yes, you can apply as an affiliate for these beauty affiliate programs. I suggest you get in touch with their respective networks. Some of them belong to LinkShare, others through AffiliateShare and Commission Junction.

    I don't think you need to fill out a US tax form unless you're a US citizen or resident and required by the state to do so. I don't think there are any tax implications unless affiliates in your country are required to file a specific tax for earning online by affiliate marketing.

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    As a beauty blogger, I also promote my blog by posting to sites like Medium and Makeoverly on a regular basis. In their author bios you can add a link to your site - really quite wonderful :)

    Sigma's affiliate program is amazing btw! Good tip

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    Great article! Thank you for sharing this useful information. I just signed up for the CJ affiliate program. I've been working with Linkshare and Amazon and have found both to be easy to use with nice returns. The Nordstrom affiliate program is through Linkshare. I highly recommend this affiliation if you have a beauty blog!

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    Cecille Loorluis2208 days ago

    These makeup brands, and any big affiliate network for that matter, look for websites that get high traffic so when applying as an affiliate, you will be asked for your site URL and how much traffic you're getting to the site. You can let the affiliate managers and vendors know that you're still a new site, and that won't be a problem.

    There are some though that require a specific number. If you don't make it to one affiliate program, then move on to the next. There's plenty of affiliate programs on this niche that you can promote so don't worry if you don't get in one or two.

  • Reply Trinity Roze2163 days ago

    Wishtrend is a pretty good one. They do more skin and body products like acne care, ex-foliation scrubs and all that jazz. They do payments per day or if you want you can set up a system with them that you can get paid once every week or every month. Sephora also has an affiliate program as well.

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    Hello, I would like to promote Mac products. Thanks so much for creating this.

    Justin Golschneider1639 days ago

    Hi Denise! There is an Apple affiliate program, plus one for iTunes, but you have to apply to Apple directly. I don't know for sure if it's the case with their affiliate program, but they're known for being super strict about choosing who they work with in general. You'll want to make sure your site is extremely professional before applying.

    Justin Golschneider1638 days ago

    Just learned we actually have an article up about the iTunes affiliate program if you're interested: https://www.affilorama.com/blog/work-that-playlist-mp3-download-affiliate-programs-you-can-earn-from

    I've spoken to our writers and it doesn't sound like an article for the Apple affiliate program is forthcoming, so I would dive right into the research if you want to push forward. Good luck!

    Tiffany 1591 days ago

    Justin , I'm pretty sure she means MAC cosmetics brand

    Justin Golschneider1590 days ago

    Hi Tiffany! Therein lies the importance of capitalization. :-) I'm afraid MAC doesn't have an affiliate program—they've stated so outright in this Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/MACcosmetics/posts/10156475784800554

  • Reply Tiffany • 1591 days ago

    What do Brands look for when accepting affiliates?

    Justin Golschneider1590 days ago

    Hi Tiffany! Brands look for sites that look professional and are FTC compliant. Make sure your site is nicely designed, your content is carefully proofread, and you're in full compliance with the law, and you shouldn't have any trouble becoming an affiliate for most brands. Those with stricter requirements will generally explain them on their affiliate page.

  • Reply Katie • 1496 days ago

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    Hi Katie! If the traffic goals seem reachable with enough time, you can always push towards the point when you qualify while using ad revenue and any affiliate programs that will accept you to keep your site afloat. That can be a tough road, though, so I wouldn't try that strategy unless you've had success with another affiliate site in the past.

  • Reply Amanda 1395 days ago

    What is considered "high traffic" to most of these brands?

    Cecille Loorluis1395 days ago

    Hi Amanda,

    I can't say for sure as the traffic requirement is up to these vendors or merchants to decide. Some require only a couple of thousand a month, while others require more.

    It's best to contact the specific merchant or company you wish to promote to confirm.

    All the best!

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    If you guys are interested you can signup here. https://myorganiczone.com/reseller-program/

    Natural Skin Care Products and you can earn 10-20% in commissions. or simply shoot us an email at info@myorganiczone.com

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    The above-mentioned affiliate programs aren't just make up. Some of these brands sell brushes, palettes and the whole nine yards when it comes to cosmetics so you can register as an affiliate with any one.

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    Cecille Loorluis639 days ago

    Hi Kalyan,

    Scentbird is a good place to start. They offer a subscription service for perfumes and scents. You can check out similar affiliate programs online using keywords like "perfume affiliate programs". ShareASale and Commission Junction have varied affiliate programs. They just might have one on perfumes/colognes.

    Hope that helps. All the best!

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    How can i make money blogging about cosmetics and fragrances? I work for a high end cosmetics and fragrances for 25 yrs.

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    Your experience working for a high end cosmetics and fragrances company will come in handy when you start blogging about the beauty niche. You can write about your experience and your insights, provide tips on picking out the best fragrances, etc, then offer up a link to one of the affiliate programs mentioned above. Each time a reader clicks on the links and buys through your link, you get a commission.

    I suggest you go over our free lessons for a background on affiliate marketing, how it works and how to get started: https://www.affilorama.com/lessons

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