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Motivation to Start Your Day

Motivation to Start Your Day

Hi Everyone,

I was listening to sports talk on my way back into my office after playing a game of squash and one of the marathon runners was saying that his coach told him:

"Whenever you feel too tired to go out and train, just get off the couch and run the first 500 meters, then if you're still too tired, go back home and rest"

I have heard that kind of advice before, but I really needed to hear it again right then as I thought about my squash game and how I've been struggling to make myself get back on my treadmill lately - as my game needs more fitness!

Then I thought about my affilobuds here and how I'm always trying to motivate people to get things done and stick to their plan and I thought to myself,... man... this marathon training example is a really good analogy!

Half the battle with doing anything on a regular basis to achieve a goal is to get your butt off the couch and spend 5 minutes working your plan, whether that be building your next affiliate site, or training to run a marathon.

I'll repeat that, half the battle is getting off the couch. If you can make a start at whatever you're doing, whether that be training for a marathon or working on your affiliate site, you'll probably find if you can do it for 5 minutes, the rest of the hour, and beyond, will not be all that difficult to keep going.

That's not all the good advice that got shared on that radio interview...

Next the conversation turned to cancer, the marathon runner said he was motivated to keep going with his running because his father died of cancer at the age of 53 and he wanted to keep healthy to live a long life.

He said "It's funny how, if someone was to put a gun to your head, and say you have 10 seconds to tell me why I shouldn't shoot you... you'd say something like: 'I'll give you my house, my car, my bank account, whatever you want'

Yet people don't seem to be able to keep motivated to make sure they don't die younger than they should through mistreatment of their body."

Wow, I thought, that's a really good point. It's so easy to continue living life as though there are no consequences, but there are. I could live 10 years longer, or even more, if I take care of myself now. That's 10 more years with my son and future children ... possibly even longer.

... I have that chance right now.

Ok I should mention before I carry on this post that cancer is not necessarily self inflicted, that's not the point in what I'm sharing about the marathon runner's story, but poor health, or difficult situations that people find themselves in are often self inflicted.

Here's another example from my own life... I'm not the grade I wished I was in Squash right now, that is self inflicted, I'm working my butt off right now, I have a coach, I train hard and I will get there ... but I do believe it is noone else's fault but mine for not being there right now. So I sure as heck am going to make sure I will be where I want to be within the next 2 years and possibly sooner.

Ok, how does this apply to making money online then?

The point is make the most of your life, make a commitment to your physical health, and your financial, relationship and mental health. Set a sustainable plan for yourself and stick to it, for good.

By sustainable I mean, if you think 5 hours a day is not sustainable in affiliate marketing, or 1 hour a day at the gym isn't sustainable as a fitness goal, then look at what you definitely can do. e.g. 30 mins a day on an exercise bike, or 1 hour a day at affiliate marketing (not counting reading emails or posting on forums, I mean taking action).

I hope you found this blog post inspiring, this really has been a bit of a brain dump and the english might not be my finest, but the sentiment is there. I'm interested in your comments!

All the best,

Mark Ling

p.s. You may also wish to check out Aletta's blog post from yesterday, she raises some interesting points in her final rant for a while :) Note: I don't agree with the headline as such, I think it should have read something like "Why it's not wise to assume all your visitors are operating at full capacity" or something like that, but anyway, the actual article itself had a lot of good points.

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  • Reply Modou Lamin Jatta3707 days ago

    Thank you so much Mark, I just started today but am really impressed.

  • Reply Tairi Maoate3707 days ago

    Hey Mark, right on. I totally agree 100%. Thats why its so important to develop the habit of running...its not about the run....its about getting cracking and started. Once your out the gate and 100 yards down the road, its bliss. Cruise control. If you can get yourself running...you can get yourself to do anything.Especially if its in a NZ winter!
    the other thing, i want to purchase the CWS program of Marc Lindsay & co through your link (to get the bonuses). Where can i get your link?

  • Reply Mark Ling3707 days ago

    Hi Arbi, my link is https://www.affilorama.com/redirect/cwssite. All the best!

  • Reply Chloe Wheeler3707 days ago

    Great post Mark, thanks. You're right, if you can fight the inertia, get up and take even the smallest amount of action than chances are you'll keep on going.

  • Reply James Pruitt3707 days ago

    Great post Mark. Motivation is always one of my hardest factors. One thing I do when i am lacking the motivation is listen to your affiliate mindset webinar. Good thing it isnt an old cassette tape or it would be worn out by now. It is some of the best advice I ever got in my life, much less my business.

    Also, if I cannot get anything else going, I start talking. I turn on audacity, pick a topic and talk. By the time i am done I have several articles worth of content, and a new product for a bonus, or giveaway.

    @ I hatesheepfarmer, I agree with many of the people here. Mark is not out to use people. and if you don't think making money for working is worthwhile, I want to know where you live that you don't need to pay bills.

    Granted, I would do everything that I do here for free, including my own products and services. The joy I get from helping people looking for solutions to their problems is reward enough for me. however, I have bills to pay, the same as everyone else here.

  • Reply Rachael McNaught3707 days ago

    Excuses, excuses.....I get sooooo peeved at the 'would if they could' set, you know the ones.....

    "I would give up smoking but I've tried and can't - I'm addicted"
    "I would lose weight but I have tried and can't - I must have a medical condition that stops it"
    "I am sick of being alone but I can't find anyone that meets all my criteria"

    and my particular favourite .....

    "I have tried everything to make money, but always end up with programs or teachers that are more interested in sucking my bank balance dry than helping me to succeed - This internet thing is a scam"

    In reality most people love being able to complain about something ..... and why not? It is sooo easy to do!

    Actually doing anything about it though.....jeepers that takes some effort - how many people have we seen that have just had a heart valve bypass and still eat KFC 5 times a week and smoke a packet a day while sifting through their My Sky?

    What separates the 5% that make it from the 95% that don't is that sheer confidence that this will work and that all that frustration (css panels!) and boredom (spinning articles) will be worth it in the long run. A certainty that it may not work overnight - but it will work.

    Thanks for reminding us Mark - enjoy your family :o)

  • Reply Clayton A Terao3706 days ago

    @James or Mark, What's this "affiliate mindset webinar?" Any chance you can post a link?

  • Reply Neo Kanobi3706 days ago

    Right on Mark and Team, !!!

    Like they say:

    " If you do not want to do something, you just focus on complaining."

    " if you want to do something you will focus on the solutions."

    ...If you are trully committed in making something happen...the HOW will reveal itself...

    I see you....


  • Reply james Hadfield3706 days ago

    sheep farmer or sheep shagger

  • Reply Jon Pastorizo3706 days ago


    Very interesting post and a lot of good examples. I have heard before that it takes at least 40 consecutive times before "something" before that something becomes part of your routine. For example I want body building to be part of my schedule and I can only do it Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I should stick to my schedule for at least 20 weeks and then it will then become something that my body will look for. When that point is reached, your body tells you what to do instead of your mind forcing your body to do it. I guess "consistency" really is something that is crucial to make something happen, provided the "right" practise is being done.

    I always tell my 2 kids, my daughter Kylie (6 years old) and my son Jan (10 years old), when we have a coaching/pep session that "Practise does not make perfect. Perfect practise makes perfect." That quote from Don Shula has stuck in my mind for as long as I can remember. I tell my kids, you have to practise consistently but you have to practise the right way! Because if you practise the wrong way then you will be good at being wrong, which is something we don't strive for.

    Practise consistently and practise the right techniques are keys to getting there - whatever "there" means to our fellow Affiloramans.

    Have a good one!


  • Reply 3706 days ago

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  • Reply Jon from Practical Success Secrets • 3706 days ago

    Mark, I like the story, short easy to remember and with a built in 'easy to remember' memoryl jogger - "Get off the couch!"

    Generally, when it comes to motivation we're talking about changing from one course of action to another course of action, or changing from one mindset to another mindset.

    Frequently, in making that "change" we are having an internal battle where there are conflicting benefits or emotional pay-offs. Often, the battle is caused by an internal conflict between what we want in the short term against what we want in the long term. We can have the comfort of staying on the couch or the exhilaration of the run and the self-satisfaction of the health benefits. Or as another illustration we can have the safety of staying in our current situation set against the riskiness of a new or different situation.

    There's a couple of key points I'd make:

    1. Motivation is about reducing and resolving those internal conflicts.

    2. There are two main ways to do that:

    The first is to force the new direction, (or activity, or mindset), and

    The second is to make the new direction (or activity or mindset) so attractive that there is little alternative.

    You do the first by "getting off the couch"! In other words - just start! It's like a two-man race between your short term desires and your long term desires. Your long term desires can win every time if they beat the short term desires off the starting block.

    You do the second by making your long term vision accurate, detailed, and so full of the feelings of completion that the vision attracts - even drags - you where you want to be without your short term desires entering the conscious mind.

    Finally, and somewhat reluctantly, a note for Ihatesheepfarmer.

    The sheep farmers I've met are honest, hard-working caring people. No doubt there are some exceptions, but they are small in number.

    People operating businesses, whether sheep farmers, internet marketers, or a myriad of other types of business are only successful when they produce goods and services that other people want. If they produce poor quality goods and services they don't stay in business. If they try and scam people they don't stay in business. If they try and use people in a one sided relationship they don't stay in business.

    Mark has a good reputation with people right around the world. He produces excellent products and has great customer service - I know this because I've bought his products and experienced the customer service. He ranks amongst the very best. I have not been asked to say this. I have not been paid to say this. I say this because I am a very satisfied customer and Mark's products and services have helped and continue to help me achieve my own ambitions.

    Kind regards to all,


  • Reply david mcdonald3705 days ago

    There is a simple three letter word which i use to motivate myself into action look at what you want to achieve and "just do it" no one can do your pushups for you,just take action and the results will be amazing,I also have another quote "you have to believe before you can see what you believe"
    I wish all aff members the very best in there im activities, we are all here to help each other achieve their goals whatever that may mean to each of us.
    Mark is a truely inspiring indivual who have i yet to meet, but when i do I will thank him from the bottom of my heart because he is true and sincere in what he teaches.

  • Reply Troy Todd3705 days ago

    Well I can't add to the already great comments above except to say, thanks Mark.
    You are right, we all "know" this but sometimes we need a mental kick up the butt to remind ourselves.
    Great post mate.

  • Reply MARLON CANOY ARLOS3705 days ago

    hi everyone;
    i enjoy reading this motivational posts.hope someday i will read more of it. i think it will help me develop my personality. good luck and God bless

  • Reply Mocarabin Abbas3705 days ago

    Hi everyone!

    I can start my day with smile to everyone around me and the person can give me motivation is my family or the all especial person in my life and lastly is my dream. I'm enjoy to thinking my future that can give me motivation to start my good day.

  • Reply VizFact | Learning To Make Money Online • 3704 days ago

    Yes, I agree, I know yesterday I want to do some blogging and I just couldn't find the motivation to even touch my keyboard. I decided to rest and stay on the couch. Today, I am ready to do about 3 or 4 articles, so I totally agree. Making money online takes a lot of work and rest is needed periodically to keep us fresh, as with the runner. Good Post.

  • Reply James Pruitt3704 days ago

    @ clayton it is one of the AB bonuses in the extras area...

  • Reply Barbara Davis • 3704 days ago

    Great post, Mark. We all know what we should be doing and when we should be doing it. Sometimes, we need a reminder to keep us on target. Thanks!

  • Reply Tyler • 3702 days ago

    I read the first two paragraphs of your post and now I'm off to the gym! I'll read the rest later - promise!

  • Reply Greg Stack3701 days ago

    Hello Everyone,
    Just joined today, and am new to IM and affiliate marketing, as well.
    I wanted to add my two-cents worth, and I needed a break from NVU for a couple of minutes.

    Mark commented, more than once, that his issues were his own fault. I have found that when I am struggling and not achieving (sometimes NONE) of my goals, when I finally claim full responsibility and fault, it is empowering.

    Consider the serious implications if our problems were NOT our fault. The obvious conclusion is in that case, we do not have the ability or control to change the situation. As long as my failures and shortcomings are a direct result of my own actions and attitudes, there is HOPE, because I have the control to change my actions and attitudes to create a better result as I move ahead. I would surmise that nearly all of the challenges and problems I have faced are self-inflicted. I do have some stories...

    In nearly all cases, income is created, money earned, as a result of working with others. It is not using, it is teamwork. Affiliate Marketing couldn't be a better example. Either everyone involved in a particular transaction makes money, or no one does. The vendor and affiliate work together to both earn.

    One more thing - We are preparing to launch an online magazine soon, and the next issue contains a piece I wrote concerning observations of the local Flying Pig Marathon, here in Cincinnati. With over 18,000 participants, the commentators pointed out that the first challenge of the event is actually getting across the START LINE. Well, that's the biggest challenge of all, isn't it. Honestly folks, this isn't a plug (the magazine is not quite ready to launch) but if you are interested in reading it, I will insert the link below. Thanks for providing the opportunity to communicate with other... Oh, I need to go, sorry, my sheep are getting out of the fence... http://livelargemagazine.blogspot.com/2010/06/waiting.html

  • Reply mark • 3701 days ago

    thanks for the share mark. it really needs to take action whether its wrong or right. important is you have taken the 1st step,

  • Reply Pablo Edwards • 3700 days ago

    Great advice, it amazing what you can accomplish when you just start doing something small. I see this in so many aspects of my business and in my personal life.

  • Reply John • 3699 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing your advice. I'm glad I did the first step but right now I'm really having trouble. I'm stuck at reviewing the product which is taking me a lot of time to create a an article. I don't even know how to do a product review. I hope you could help me out here Mark.

  • Reply Khairul Hazwan • 3698 days ago

    Thanks for the great motivation Mark.

    I totally agree with you. The main important thing is we get our-self to take action. Take small steps. Make it a habit each and every day to achieve our goals. Short-term and long-term.

    Thanks again Mark for the advice.

  • Reply Susanne Talentino3698 days ago

    Another thing that works for me is "just begin where you are" (thanks FlyLady). Often we think about how bad it is that we waited so long to, couldn't get off the couch, didn't have time etc. etc. And those thoughts can prevent us from starting. That's when the simple "just begin where you are" makes sense, because once you take a step - even if it's a baby one - the rest is easier.
    Thanks for a great post!

  • Reply Alex Wolf3697 days ago

    This is my first post on this blog, and I think you nailed it. I especially loved the gun apology, I have never thought of it this way. I will be coming back for more!

  • Reply 3695 days ago

    "I'll repeat that, half the battle is getting off the couch"

    You can say that again. In the early days of my career it used to be a regular "battle" for me :D When you don't have a strong motivation and purpose to get off the couch, you won't, and that is exactly what I lacked at that time.


  • Reply Randy Kao3693 days ago

    This is a very motivational post. Often at times we do things that unconsciously harm ourselves and we don't know it until we starting suffering from the consequences.


  • Reply Julio Manes • 3690 days ago

    I agree that getting off the couch is tough sometimes. Especially with Internet Marketing because you do some work and don't always see the results right away. Sometimes it can take weeks before you know if what you are doing worked or not. You have to trust that you are doing the right things and that can be a de-motivator. The first check is the motivator though:)

  • Reply Henry Fadl3687 days ago

    Thank you Mark for the inspiring story. We really need to remind each-other and ourselves first to realize what to do effectively and carry on holding our agenda to face & experience of what's coming and make sure that we are on track.

    King Regards

  • Reply Janina Romanowska3685 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the great motivation .
    Kind regards to all,
    Janina R.

  • Reply Kevin Wells3685 days ago

    Another thing you can do is just to get rid of the couch!

    As for sitting at the PC all day - try standing. Seriously. Get yourself a standing-up table. Much more comfortable. Try it. You even burn a few more calories standing than you do sitting on your butt all day!

  • Reply Pham Thi Hong Nhung3677 days ago

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  • Reply online roulette • 3675 days ago

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  • Reply filmy porno • 3671 days ago

    I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but I'm glad I visited. I will post a link to this site on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

  • Reply Aidan Booth3669 days ago

    Great post Mark, I've been away from the blog for a long time so it's nice to come back and read a motivational post like this one!

  • Reply Andrew Pupols3667 days ago

    A post like this always empowers and says:"You Can Do it!" I know i should have been on a different level in my affiliate things, well i the one to be blamed no one else. Its the daily decisions what we makes who we are. Looks like its a common thing and everyone has their own struggles. So to read this is encouraging and should others keep wanting to get up and DO STUFF for 5 mins.

  • Reply RICHARD LITZINGER3664 days ago

    I think your message is great, Mark. I just joined and know I can devote 5 hrs a day to my business, at a minimum. Keep the ideas and the products coming! PotPieGirl alerted me to your program :)

  • Reply ian frank mackay3663 days ago

    You can read an listen to all you want but the above is what it boils down to

  • Reply hsoftware3662 days ago

    Setting a sustainable plan, this is what I am working on now. I need to learn how to divide my day up into proper proportion.. I Gotta break those bad habits!

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is squash? I suppose I could Google it .... or maybe I can learn it and become a squash-a-holic.


  • Reply Jose Tiguila3656 days ago

    I just joined Affiliorama a month ago and i am learing the content of it. I appreciate it Mark.

  • Reply Husfusundon • 3628 days ago

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  • Reply David • 3592 days ago

    Great words Mark.

    Reminds me of some advice I was given a while ago:

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step....TAKE THAT FIRST STEP!"

    I didn't follow the advice then (which is probably why I'm here now!), but I fully intend to follow it now.

    Thanks Mark,

  • Reply Lawyer_Amycurtisy • 3486 days ago

    Hey guys,

    I'm new here.
    Btw, I happen to be a lawyer, too. :D
    Hopefully I can contribute here!

  • Reply William King • 3475 days ago

    I want to add something that one should also do not miss judge yourself. You should be very well aware from your weak and strong point, things which you know you can do well and somethings which you need to work to do them better. Making plans just by over estimating or under estimating your selves results in failure.

  • Reply Daniel • 3376 days ago

    Great article. I agree 100% personal development is a must for any human being wanting to excel at life. If we all focused on this the world would be a better place. I have been dedicated to personal development for almost 10 years and it feels good to read some new content. Keep up the good work and feel free to post a comment and sitelink on my personal development blog. Thanks -Daniel


  • Reply Andy • 3282 days ago

    "half the battle is getting off the couch"

    I like that. Been saying something similar for ages when I go jogging. "just show up" is my saying. Once i'm outside, I have nothing left to do but run.

  • Reply James • 3224 days ago

    Mark great post! I just stumbled on your site here and found this article to be timely. I often say "go and do" to others who I coach but it is easier said than done for most. It comes down to understanding that motivation goes up and down and coaching folks through those transitions. Thanks again Mark

  • Reply CNA Training Online3182 days ago

    Excellent blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers? I'm hoping to start my own site soon but I'm a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like Wordpress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I'm totally confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    Cecille Loorluis3181 days ago

    Starting with a free platform like Wordpress or Blogger is great for any aspiring writer. Most big blogs today started out with free ones before purchasing their own domains. The free blogs today offer a variety of free themes as well as flexibility in customizing your blog's design. Not only do you get to practice your writing, you learn a bit of html too on the side. :)

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!

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