I'm now a proud father!

By Mark Ling
I'm now a proud father!


Hey guys,

I've been meaning to make this blog post for a while now, but time has just flown by with all that has been happening.

Anyway, without further ado I'm very happy to announce that my wife Michelle and I are now parents to a beautiful baby boy called Benjamin Logan Ling.

He was born on April 22nd weighing 9.4 pounds.

He's our first child.

He has been keeping us up till all hours some nights, then others he has given us blissful sleep (between feeds anyway). All in all he is healthy and has made both of us very happy :)

He's also the first grandchild on both sides of our family so as you guys can imagine, he's going to be a bit spoilt!

Here are some pics of him for you to enjoy:

The above photo of Benjamin was taken only 15 minutes after he was born - very alert already!

Family photo taken at the hospital, Benjamin is just one day old.

Me looking very tired after just bringing Ben home from the hospital. Couldn't be a prouder dad though!

Lying on his playmat (2 weeks old)

Looking cute at 3 weeks old :)

Fast learner!


I hope you guys all enjoy the pics above of my son.

All the best to all of you and your families!

Mark Ling


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Christine Pinkston 11 years ago
He's beautiful! Congratulations!
Edward DeJoliet 11 years ago
Congratz. May your family continue to bask in the glow of love, health and prosperity.
vikram2009 11 years ago
Hi Mark and Michelle,
Congratulations on becoming proud parents.
Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Hi Mr. Benjamin Logan Ling
welcome to this wonderful world.
You are a very smart boy to choose
Mark and Michelle to be your parents.

Hi Guys,
Enjoy your time with each other.
Time is the only thing in this universe that you can not earn back.
My blessings to Benjamin, Michelle and Mark
Constantine Anastasiadis 11 years ago
Hi Mark,congratulations to you and your wife
with your new arrival!
My best wishes for your son !

Thanks for letting us know.
Anthony Santiago 11 years ago
Hi Mark and Michelle,

Congrats to the both of you! Adorable son! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Enamul Ismail 11 years ago
Hi Mark, great wishes to you and your wife, Michelle!

By the way, he looks really smart!!! another world class super affiliate to look out for in future....
james Hadfield 11 years ago
lucky he looks like mum
Neil Lee 11 years ago
Congratulations Mark and Michelle. Hi Benjamin. (Imagine the grandparents have already gone wild ;) )
Ellery 11 years ago
Hi Mark.

Congratulation. The baby is cute and please say to him: welcome to the world, little Benjamin
len Davies 11 years ago
Hi Mark,
Great news and hope you both have a wonderful life with your new arrival
tulips 11 years ago
Hi Mark and Michelle,
Congratulation and welcome to Parenthood, its a blessing from above so mark you and your family stay bless.
Send me a mail if you need a baby sitter.
Clifford Tan 11 years ago
Congrats Mark! Is that Christchurch Women's Hospital in the photo? We were there with our first born last March. Hope you had an awesome daddy time with Benjamin!
Ilan Blumental 11 years ago
Great news, and lots of happiness with this little one.
If you thought IM is magic, wait and see the real one growing in front of your eyes :)
good luck and have lots of fun along your new path of being a parent...
Loma Black 11 years ago
Best wishes Michelle and Mark, congratulations on a gorgeous looking son!
And welcome Benjamin !
Make Money Online with Gregory Hyne 11 years ago
Congratulations Mark. He's a beautiful boy. I came late to being a parent at 36, but I can honestly say that it is the most rewarding and valuable thing I have ever done. My first ebook was about babies, toddlers and sleep. Regards, Greg
Nikhil 11 years ago
Congrats Mark.He looks really smart.Now you can concentrate on baby products affiliate programs.
Navaneeth 11 years ago
My hearty congratulations on having a sweet little buddy.
peggy hurd 11 years ago
Congratulations Mark and Michelle! And to Benjamin too for arriving safely! Parenthood opens up a whole new world for you. Enjoy every minute of it. The excitement of welcoming a new baby into the family is just as wonderful with each one that you have. Cherish this precious time you have together. All my best wishes for you and your family always,
Jay Green 11 years ago
Congratulations Mark!
david mcdonald 11 years ago
I wish you the very best and congratulations on your new arrival
Andrew Pupols 11 years ago
Benjamin looks soo cute, and the smiles on your faces truly says that u are happy. What can i say lot of endurance for the upcoming years! Good luck to your family :)

Looks like Benjamin is a fast learner indeed :)
Danny Wanna 11 years ago
Congratulations! Enjoy the time with your child. And start training for the next one :-)

Ken Lmr 11 years ago
Congratulations, Mark and Michelle!
What a beautiful baby!
I wish you all the best!!
John Perkins 11 years ago
Aww, I've come over all misty! He's a very special little man!

Congrats Mark and Michelle, and Welcome to the not so "wee" Benjamin :-D

I know it's been said already but do take the time out to enjoy these first few months.
It's a simply magical time you will never have again, savour every moment guys, even the smelly bits are things you'll look back on with nostalgia later!
patrick horsley 11 years ago
Big Congratulations Mark to you Michelle and your now growing Family ... and thanks for sharing, (I’ve always felt an affinity with you even though we haven’t met).

My Baby Louis is now a Big Baby of 32 yrs . .and he’s still getting bigger!!! ...should get off that gaming couch. He’s back staying at home at the moment. I was single Parent ... your Benjamin is a fond memory jog to when my son was a baby

Such a long road with many beautiful moments and I wish you likewise, the very best of them. My feeling is honestly, you'll make a great Father!. . .Like I’d like to have had -

All The Best
Patrick . . . BTW I sent you pics and request as a reply to your news-(mailed frm Patrick at eu. . etc)
feridun yeprem 11 years ago
very very sweety baby,mashallah!
Kieran Gracie 11 years ago
Well done, Michelle and Mark. You have both produced a wonderful baby boy! I hope you all will share a very happy and fulfilling life together.

George Gogle 11 years ago
Hey Mark, wish all the best to you and your wonderful family! Baby is fantastic!!!
celynng 11 years ago
Congratulations ~ you have a beautiful family!!!
Meetnewpeople 11 years ago
Congrats to new family member! He is so sweet and cute ! Just reminds me when my three kids were born. Enjoy your new family life ,wish your family all the best!
Zoie 11 years ago
Absolutely beautiful - Congratulations! Enjoy - the best is yet to be.
Heather Mackey 11 years ago
Tom Dewell 11 years ago
Great pics and happy faces.

I've just spent 2 weeks with my daughter who is about to have my first grandchild (due date mid-Sep) and it's exciting to see my "child" with child. Kids are a very cool experience! Enjoy....
Gilles Bonelli 11 years ago
Belated congrats to Mark and Michelle I had my 3rd child in March and only beginning to find my Bearings again!
steve Robinson 11 years ago
congratulations hope you don't have many sleepless night s;)
sudha thangavel 11 years ago
Hi Mark.. Congrats.. Very cute kid...
Your training are really informative.. but don't train your kid with traffic travis and seo so soon.. he have miles to go longer ... lol ! :)
take care.. waiting for more lessons..

Randy Kao 11 years ago
Hi Mark,

Congratulations!!! You have such a beautiful child. Bless you and your family!

Randy Kao
Bertha Cole 11 years ago
Thanks for the informative post. It helped me a lot. May the Force be with you.
ty813 11 years ago
Congrats Mark, send lots of time with your family and take lots of pictures the grow up so quick.
Grady Pruitt 11 years ago
Hey, how's that 2 month old doing now? Are you enjoying being a father?

I know many a times I held my little ones (back when they were that little) on my shoulder while they slept. And sometimes, just the slightest movements (to make myself more comfortable) would wake them up!

Don't worry, though. the up every 2 or 3 hours part is almost over if it isn't already... Pretty soon, it'll be every 4 or 5 hours. :D
Grady Pruitt 11 years ago
What would really be funny with that last pic? If the cover of the book was "AffiloBlueprint" or "AffiloJetPack"!
joelb05 11 years ago
beautiful child . but lam withing for my beautiful money your said l can find about affilorama l only losing a lot of money w your affilorama program.
Stephen McGouran 11 years ago
He certainly is a beautiful and a quick!! It was the loudest I laughed all day when seeing him with baby's world in his hands!!
Bryon Zirker 11 years ago
Hansome young little one then. I remember the day my son was born. A very great day indeed. He is now a successful 14 year old.
renee gonthier 10 years ago
soooooo cute!! congrats !!:)
Frances C. Luna 9 years ago
An order came just before I was expecting it that's always a good thing. The deal was simply suitable as well as the method terrific. Needed some getting used to the brown leafy graphic but total I'm thrilled. Edan Aharony.
Ganeshkumar M 8 years ago
Congratulations on you becoming a father...Hope he is now 3 years old and having good time with his parents....Your baby is so cute and even cuter with you all people...hmmm i think he is enjoying running with his hands in his parents hands by now...good kid...hearty congrats
jeoremil21 7 years ago
Congrats Mark!
shweta 3 years ago
hilarious blog!
Sandra Santiz 3 years ago
My kids are grown now... left the nest already to be successful in their lives. Now when I see your baby I remember those days when my kids were that age and feel nostalgic. Congratulations!
Enjoy him every minute of the day because they grow really fast. :)

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