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Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition is Now LIVE

Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition is Now LIVE

Hey Guys!

I'm really excited to announce the launch of Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition today.

We've had a massive prelaunch that everyone's been raving about - but now we're into the serious business.

Affilorama Premium is our monthly subscription product, offering in depth training every month on a different sub topic of Affiliate Marketing. For instance we have one issue on blogging, another on CPA, PPC and many, many more!

Affilorama Premium also comes with one of the most fantastic affiliate marketing tool-sets you'll have ever seen!

I don't want to give it all away here, but we have been working really hard to develop tools that will help you in every aspect of your affiliate marketing - including research, copywriting, SEO and PPC.

To top it all off, we've also created a web hosting package that allows you to host up to 15 different domains - right from your Affilorama member's area!

Interested? Check out Affilorama Premium right here.

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  • Reply Simon Slade3467 days ago

    Yay! Stress levels now decreasing :)

    @New members: Welcome and thanks for joining us. Look forward to meeting and chatting to you on the forum.

    @Affilorama Staff: Thanks very very much from myself and Mark. Big ups to you all on a job well done!

  • Reply Bob • 3467 days ago

    Just came aboard, Learning my way around, it's a large campus with all kinda portals, addons,

    addins, may take a while, sometimes remind me "need to be careful what we pray for"........Bob

  • Reply paradigmau3467 days ago

    So much content to absorb and so many tools to play with.

    I think I'm suffering from information overload! Keep up the good work.

    Also congrats to Mark on his baby news. Your gonna have a son, how cools that!

  • Reply Chua Wen Ching3467 days ago

    Just curious, I already have premium membership now. Do I have to re-subscribe for the 2010 version? Any help? Thanks.

  • Reply Simon Slade3467 days ago

    @wenching No you will have full access to it :)

  • Reply whizzydizzy3467 days ago

    Do Affilo Blue Print members get access to AffiloRama 2010?

  • Reply Harry Touzel3467 days ago

    Congratulations Mark, on the birth of your son. I hope you and your family enjoy this exciting stage of life.

  • Reply Viola Olah3467 days ago

    Just signed up and looking forward to get into the nitty-gritty....

    Played around a bit with affiliate marketing never got anything out of it so far other than a big headache from information overload.
    I am more disciplined now (hmmmm..) and I am ready to follow ONE method and ONE successful marketer. I listened to your webinar yesterday Mark and loved it...


  • Reply 3467 days ago

    All existing Affilorama Premium members, regardless of whether they have Affiloblueprint or not, get access to Affilorama Premium 2010.

  • Reply Mark Ling3467 days ago

    Hi Whizzy Dizzy,

    Affilorama premium is sold separately to AffiloBlueprint.

    When you join affiloblueprint you can opt for a 1 month free trial of affilorama premium (only on the day you join AffiloBlueprint), which rebills at $47/month.

    Or you can join affilorama premium separately for $1 for the first week, rebills at $47/month.

    Whichever suits you.

  • Reply Tina Kilcup3467 days ago

    I am Amazed all the time with everything you have here Mark. Its a wonderful leaning place. Thanks

  • Reply Peter Castledine3466 days ago

    Hi Folks

    I am a Aussie newbie to Affiliate Marketing, Affilorama and it's teachings.

    Is AffiloBluePrint still available and are the 60 video's within the AffiloBlueprint the same as the ones contained in the Affilorama blog.


  • Reply Dariusz Huk3466 days ago

    Hi there,

    I got just one question. As a total newbie should I get my hands on AffiloBlueprint or Premium. Thanks in advance for advice.


  • Reply Jim Strickland3466 days ago


    You have some excellent tools here and I am glad I decided to join the group.


  • Reply TYRONE WOODS3466 days ago

    I am a newbie to Affilorama and I am at a cross road right now, about which product to invest in? I know time is of the essence. I would like to know which program would be most beneficial for me overall, Affilorama Blueprint or Affilorama Premium? And why would that particular program you suggest be more beneficial overall? Please respond before the December 1st.

  • Reply Needcash4u • 3465 days ago

    Does Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition include Traffic Travis Professional Edition? Or are there separate costs for each package?

  • Reply John Perkins3464 days ago

    Hi Darius, and TRW,
    if you have a little experience already then the Premium membership might be what you need, if you really want step by step newbie instructions then you can't do better than Affiloblueprint.
    We learnt everything from scratch through Affiloblueprint, can't praise it highly enough!
    Plus you get a months free Premium membership with it too, so you can try that out as well.

  • Reply ed mason3464 days ago

    Just joined the Affilorama group and am excited to get started. I poked around 2 other internet marketing sites and learned a lot from them, but both kept hammering home 2 points: 1) you need to find a niche you know A LOT about and 2) you need to have your OWN product to market, as that is where the big money is.

    Affiliate marketing was about the 5th or 6th step in their process, something that should be done only once you are up and running, in their opinion. That seemed completely backwards to me, which is why once I stumbled across Affilorama, it was like Nirvana.

    Am looking forward to using your great time-saving products and having great blogs with everyone. Your support department already answered several questions I had, so I already know how great they are!

  • Reply spence greene3462 days ago

    Wow! so much valuable content to digest this is by far the best program I have used

  • Reply revcoday3462 days ago

    I've been watching the Blueprint videos and am excited to jump in and get rolling. Thanks for all the great content. I look forward to learning much more.

  • Reply Stephen Pedro3462 days ago

    Hi there I live in NZ. Since I'll be paying $47US p/m, the exchange will always change in accordance with the exchange rate of that day aye.

    The reason I ask this question is because when I go to the check out it says "FUTURE PAYMENTS: 68.89 NZD Future payments billed monthly". But will this change each month?

    I think the answers yes but just making sure.

  • Reply Christo Moolman3462 days ago

    I have join Affilorama, so what happens next?

  • Reply Darren Fleming3461 days ago

    Hello, I would like to know, will all of the applications run on the Mac ?



  • Reply Craig Connelly3461 days ago

    Does the $47 deal close today at end of business or has it already shut Cheers

  • Reply helen o'brian3461 days ago

    Just wanting a definite answer on the mthly payments, will it be $47. or $68.89.
    Also when is the website building boot camp begining.
    Looking forward to getting started.

  • Reply George Gogle3461 days ago

    Hi Mark, and others here...A question: I have just joined Premium for $1 (with recuring 68NZD/month ) and was thinking I could start already...but when I logged in, I still couldn't figure out where to begin from....SOO much information on the site!!!!!.... I also assumed (I believe it was showing on Premium $1 subscription promo that by geting it I am automatically getting Affiloblueprint... But it seems like its not the way it is....Would anyone help me out...? I just want simple step-by-step lessons to build business from scratch. Thanks everyone!!

  • Reply Sveinn Gudmundsson3461 days ago

    :: mrdnf5m ::

    All applications/Affiliate Marketing Tools run on Mac. But not Traffic Travis. I use CrossOver to run it on my Mac. I think Traffic Travis will have Mac version in the future.

  • Reply Mark Ling3461 days ago

    Hi Lexusman, we never claimed that AffiloBlueprint came with Affilorama Premium. It is a separate product and always has been.

    For newbies such as yourself, the live 'premium members only' blogging bootcamp starting on Wednesday next week will be the perfect place to start.

    For $1 you can access the full range of tools, the first edition of the monthly training, the monthly plr pack of articles, the welcome behind the scenes video, the website hosting. As mentioned on the sales page for the product, you will have to be a paid up member for the first month ($47) to take part in the live blogging bootcamp as that takes part starting next week over 3 weeks.

    I hope that helps!

    I will run other live webinars following the blogging bootcamp to make sure that NO-ONE is left confused as to what to do. I believe the blogging bootcamp is the best place for any newbie to start though.

  • Reply Mark Ling3461 days ago

    For anyone who joins before 10pm EST on Dec 1, it is $1 + $47/month.

    For anyone who joins after that time, it will be $1 + $67/month.

    This is in $USD. So if you are in New Zealand or some other country, you might see a different figure when you go to pay, but the $USD amount is as above.

  • Reply rita douglas3460 days ago

    Hi I am a new affiliate member, I can't wait to get started ,yes I believe that too the blogging bootcamp
    is the best place to start.

  • Reply Jeff C.3460 days ago

    Mark wrote:
    "For anyone who joins before 10pm EST on Dec 1, it is $1 + $47/month."

    Hey Mark,

    Do we still get the bloggers bootcamp if we join by 10pm EST? Thanks!

    - Jeff

  • Reply Chris Goddard3460 days ago

    I just talked to someone at Clickbank - when foreign customers sign up, they sign up to pay a certain amount in a given currency each month, regardless of the exchange rate. So the amount you pay in the first month is locked in.

  • Reply Roy Miller3460 days ago

    I have been online for about 18 months and in that time have covered some affiliate marketing.Also I have a number of websites and a blog.If I provide the URLs can you look them over and give me your opinion on what I am doing wrong as I can never generate enough traffic.At the point now where I am ready to throw in the towel.That is why I have joined the Premium Service to help point me in the right direction.

  • Reply william eckard3459 days ago

    All I can say is, I am very, very glad that I joined the premium membership. Well done Mark and all staff. The site as a whole, tools, contents and your attitudes just spells out one word.....professionalism. Actually, I would like to add a second word....integrity. Thanks guys, I will work my way through all the juicy info!

  • Reply Stephen Tuell3458 days ago

    Mark, Like everyone else commenting here, I am finding you're beautifully orchestrated teaching exactly what I need. The Affilorama website is a bonanza. I'm running on an extremely tight budget, but, if I can just keep my head above water a bit longer, I know I'll be singing a brighter tune very soon.

  • Reply nicholas lanni • 3456 days ago

    I am seriously consiering joining although I have a registered domain name and have had for a while...I do not have a web site!. You state "you" can get started without a web site!. I would be grteful if you could explain how?

    An early reply would be very much appreciated


  • Reply Shen Lei3456 days ago

    Hi, guys! I am a brand newbi here form China, could please anybody here tell me if the affiliate program of Affilorama is available to a Chinese ? thanks lot.

  • Reply Lashonda Williams3455 days ago

    Hello everyone I can not wait to get started

  • Reply Frazer Goodman3450 days ago

    well done u guys have really done 90% give away rule here of info looking forward to the journey its all good!

  • Reply Tony • 3408 days ago

    Hello Mark,

    So since the price has gone up by $20 does that mean the commission some one makes from promoting the premium membership has gone up to? I also have a question regarding the affiliate program.. How successful has it been for affiliates? And are there any affiliates making a solid 4 figures or even anyone making a 5 figure income from your affiliate program? It would be interesting to know because I think your program sounds very good and I would like to promote it and earn a nice residual income from it every month.

    Thanks again.


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