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How to remove a URL from Google's index

The Google URL removal tool can be used to remove URLs from Google's index. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log on to your Google Webmasters account at


  1. Select the website or domain name associated with the URL that you want to remove. Then go to OptimizationRemove URLs

  1. Click Create a New Removal Request

  1. Enter the URL of the specific page or directory that you wish to remove from the Google Index and click Continue.

Example 1: To remove the page, enter the text /about-us.html.

Example 2: To remove multiple URLs associated with a single directory, e.g.* enter the text /tag.

  1. Select Remove page from search results and cache if you would like to delete a specific page. Select Remove directory if you would like to remove a directory. 

  1. Click Submit Request.

You need to submit a request for every unique URL that you want to be removed from the Google index.


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