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Which Niche Should I Choose?

Can't decide which AffiloJetpack niche you want to work on first? All AffiloJetpack niches are big money, evergreen niches with huge potential, but this can make it even harder to choose! 

If you feel like a kid who can't decide which birthday present to open first, here are a few tips. 

#1: Go with your interests first

If there's a niche in AffiloJetpack that you already have an interest in, consider going for that first. 

Having a real, genuine passion for your topic is the biggest advantage you can get. You'll have a deeper insight into what your audience is thinking and wanting, and you'll have the motivation and background knowledge to create really great content. 

And great content means more links, more shares, more visitors and more trust. And all that turns into more money. 

In short, having an interest in your topic gives you an advantage over your less passionate competitors, ON TOP of the advantage you get from using AffiloJetpack!

#2: Look at our comparison page

If there aren't any topics in AffiloJetpack that you already have an interest in, the next step is to look at the stats. 

The comparison page gives you a rough and ready overview of how our niches stack up against each other. We rank them on SEO difficulty (how strong the competitors are in the organic search results), PPC difficulty (how fierce the bidding is in Google AdWords), and we give you an overall "difficulty" rating. 

These ratings are relative to the other niches in AffiloJetpack. Our "internet marketing" niche is one of the most difficult niches we have, while the "Dating tips for women" niche is the easiest overall. It doesn't mean that "internet marketing" is too tough a niche to ever be successful. It just means that it is more difficult than the other niches in AffiloJetpack. 

In general we recommend that new affiliates choose a niche with a difficulty of 1 - 3 dots for your first site. (Although if there is a niche you're passionate about… all that goes out the window!)

And if you're planning to promote your website through SEO (as many beginners will), choose a niche with low SEO competition too. (i.e., 1 - 3 dots)

#3: Read the niche analysis page

The dots on the comparison page only tell half the story. For a deeper explanation, have a look at the niche analysis page for each niche. 

We explain why the niche has been given a certain rating, and show you a niche's particular strengths and weaknesses. 

For instance, you can see that the survival niche is a "crisis" niche where there is a lot at stake, meaning it's not hard to convince people to purchase a solution. It also has low PPC competition and a lot of good products to promote. 

#4: Look at the affiliate products

You can get a good insight into your niche by browsing the affiliate products we've built into the Jetpack. You can see all the products and view their sales pages or affiliate areas before you've unlocked a niche. 

If you're not very familiar with a niche, it's a good way to get a feel for it. You can see the kinds of problems that people in your niche are facing, and see if the products are the kinds of products you'd feel comfortable and confident recommending. 

#5: Don't choose them all at once

We recommend that you only unlock one or two niches to begin with. Build those sites and start marketing them. Then take another look at the remaining niches. You might change your mind based on what you liked or didn't like about your first site. 

#6: Give yourself a deadline

Analysis paralysis is the biggest danger you face as an affiliate, so force yourself to make a decision. Give yourself a deadline. If you still haven't chosen by then, put them all in a hat and pull one out. Whatever it takes to get yourself moving. Remember, every day you wait is another day you're not making money!