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What is a sub-niche?

All of our AffiloJetpack niches are huge money-making topics. And where there’s big money, you’ll usually find a lot of other people trying to get their slice of the pie! 

This means that for some of our niches you can be up against some stiff competition if you try to tackle the niche head-on and compete with people who have been doing it for a long time. (The internet marketing niche and Hawaii niche are our most competitive niches — you’re up against experienced online marketers and huge travel booking sites. Tricky!)

One very effective method of cutting down the competition is to focus on a sub-niche. 

A sub-niche is a smaller topic inside a bigger topic. For instance, if the niche is "weight loss” then a sub-niche might be "weight loss after pregnancy”. You could build an entire website on the topic of losing weight after pregnancy. 

The great thing about the niches we’ve given you in AffiloJetpack is that even their sub-niches are huge money-earners. And the bonus is that by choosing a sub-niche, you dramatically lessen the competition and make it easier for yourself to see results faster. 

We’ve suggested some good sub-niches inside the niche analysis area of your unlocked Jetpack. You can also find your own sub-niche ideas by doing a bit of keyword analysis: Which keywords related to your topic get a lot of searches? 

Regardless of which sub-niche you choose, you’ll still be able to use the content cheat sheets and newsletter content — we’ve designed them to be used this way. If you’re using a writer, just mention your sub-niche when you give them the content cheat sheets. 

The newsletters can probably remain as-is. The newsletter articles are written for the larger niche, so the topics are usually also applicable to the sub-niche. (Eg, a woman wanting to lose weight after pregnancy would still be interested in reading an email on "3 powerful at-home workouts”.)


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