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What is a "perspective" and how does it help?

Your perspective is how you approach a niche. Two sites could be built around the same niche topic, but still be completely different because they have different perspectives. 

Same niche, different perspectives

Compare these two fictional sites in the “weight loss” niche:

  1. Jeremy’s Journey: The blog of a 46 year old office worker as he tries to lose weight after being told he has high blood pressure. Follow his journey as he tries to beat half a lifetime of bad eating habits and inactivity. Will he hit his goals and milestones? What tools and products does he personally find useful along the way? 
  2. Weight Loss Fads Exposed!: A website discussing the latest in weight loss tips and fads, exposing the ones that work, and the ones that are complete fluff. Consider this the equivalent of weight loss Mythbusters! This site is credible, and discussions are backed up with science, rather than personal opinion. It offers credible reviews of affiliate products and discusses whether they are FACT or FAD!

While they are both “weight loss” websites, and they can both work as affiliate websites, they take different perspectives and present their information in different ways. They’ll be interesting to different people for different reasons. Not all websites in the same niche need to be the same!

A perspective makes your site more interesting

Which of the following websites do you think you’d be more interested in reading? 

  1. One that is full of general weight loss advice and product reviews OR...
  2. ...The blog of a grumpy, overweight middle-aged man (with an equally overweight dog) who is diligently trying all the latest weight loss tricks and blogging the results as he goes. 

The first website has nothing new to offer. It’s pretty forgettable. The second website is much more interesting. Particularly if the man can get his dog on a diet too. Who can lose weight fastest?

Your perspective is what sets you apart from all the other websites out there. It brings your site to life, makes it memorable, and encourages people to keep coming back. 

Using the content cheat sheets with your unique perspective

With the content cheat sheets we provide you with in AffiloJetpack, you can create content to suit any perspective. Because we give you bulletpoints, you’re free to flesh it out in whichever direction you like. 

If you choose a perspective, make sure you keep it in mind when you're writing your articles, or share it with your writer when describing the articles you want written. 

Things to consider when deciding your perspective:

  1. Are writing as a person, relating your own thoughts and opinions? Or are you writing as a company?
  2. Is your content funny? Personable? Official? Scientific? Detailed? Controversial? 
  3. Is it a blog, with interaction from your readers and a new post every few days? Or a “static” site where the information is authoritative and doesn’t change very often? 

Try having a think about the kinds of sites you enjoy reading, and see if that gives you any ideas. 

A unique perspective isn’t essential for success… but it does give you an edge over all the other “cookie cutter” sites out there!