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Can I use a different theme?

Absolutely. You can use whichever theme you like with your AffiloJetpack website.

However there are a few features from AffiloTheme which you will need to replicate using additional plugins, if the functionality isn’t built into the new theme you choose.

1) Affiliate redirects

This is probably the most important thing. You’ll need to replicate the redirects exactly, otherwise the links in your emails will not work.

Look for a WordPress plugin that can create redirects. You can find the details you need to enter into these redirects by downloading the spreadsheet of affiliate products from the AffiloJetpack members’ area. (Your niche > Affiliate products)

Be sure to replace all instances of "" with your real domain name, and insert your affiliate ID or affiliate link where appropriate. 


2) Squeeze pages

You will need to create your own squeeze pages. If your theme doesn't come with a layout suitable for squeeze pages, you can use a (paid) plugin like Thrive Landing Pages, or a service like LeadPages.  

3) Signup boxes

AffiloTheme comes with a pretty nifty signup form tool, where you can just add shortcodes into your page and update all your forms from a central location. 

If you’re using another theme you will have to find an alternative method to get your signup forms into your page.  (You might just copy/paste your autoresponder code into each page, or you can use an external plugin.)

4) Some page layouts

For some pages on your website we recommend that you remove the header and footer for that particular page. If your theme doesn’t have a layout like this built-in, then you might need to find another workaround or skip this step.

This is pretty essential for squeeze pages, but less important for your “thanks” and “download” pages.

Important note:

If you run into problems when using a theme other than AffiloTheme, our support team might not be able to provide much help. We simply don’t have time to become experts in every single theme on the market (because there are thousands, if not millions!)

We’d recommend that you get in touch with the creator of the theme to help you out.


How to use a different theme?

To use a different theme, you can just upload it through WordPress by going to Appearance > Themes.

If you’re using AffiloJetpack "Lite" hosting, there is a 20mb maximum upload limit. If your theme is larger than this, you will probably receive an error when you upload it. If this happens to you, you can contact our support team and we can load the theme into your account for you.