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Should I use Affilojetpack Lite Hosting or third party hosting?

If this will be your first time to create a website, then we strongly recommend using AffiloJetpack Lite Hosting.

Here are the benefits of hosting your site on AffiloJetpack:

  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Very fast and secure.
  • A lot less people sharing an IP address than on most hosting providers.
  • Automatic AffiloJetpack wordpress theme updates, rather than having to do them manually.
  • Full support, something we cannot provide if you use a 3rd party hosting provider.

In fact, our hosting is perfect for everyone unless you are a very experienced website owner who likes to get in under the hood. AffiloJetpack Lite Hosting doesn’t provide any hosting access so you can't do any advanced tweaking or use FTP.

We're confident that most AffiloJetpack members will have all their needs met with our hosting, but if you are unsure, why not give it a go anyway?

If it doesn't meet your needs we offer a full backup, so you can easily change to another hosting provider if you want to.



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