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How do I give my newsletter subscribers access to the Affilojetpack ebooks?

Each Affilojetpack niche comes with 3 eBooks you can give to your newsletter subscribers as bonuses. 

The easiest way to distribute these eBooks is through a specific URL on your website. To do this, these ebooks must be uploaded as 'media' using your AffiloJetpack dashboard.

To upload an eBook, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to your WordPress dashboard  through the link on your Affilojetpack members area
  2. Click on Media > Add New on your Wordpress Dashboard.  
    Media - Add New
  3. Click on the Select Files button or drag and drop into the box the eBook you want to upload. 
    Select Files
  4. After uploading the eBook, click on the Edit link across it.
    Edit Link
  5. Look to the right sidebar of the page that comes up for the File URL. It would look like:
    File URL
  6. Insert this URL into your newsletter autoresponder or wherever you would like people to be able to access it. 



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