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How do I extract zip files?

Affilorama products frequently contain zip files to make it faster and easier for our members to download content.  

Zip files are large files that have been compressed and before you can use these files you need to use a program to extract them. 

There are a number of good programs you can use to unzip compressed files:

  • WinZip is one of the best and they offer a free trial here
  • 7-zip also has some great reviews and is 100% free.

Once you've installed a zip program on your computer, here's what you need to do to unzip a file:

  1. Right click on the file to bring up the zip options.Open WinZip
  2. Click on Extract Files... and select where you want the extracted files to go. You can also rename the file at this point if you like. Or, if you want the files to be in the same place as the zip folder is currently, just click Extract Here.

    Extraction path and options

  3. Click Okay.

The zipped files will now appear in a regular folder in the location you extracted them to.

Extracted files