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Why are all blogs no follow?

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Why are all blogs no follow?

We're encouraged to put psots on blogs right? to get backlinks to our websites. That's why "we" ( me not yet ;) ) use AMA for instance.

However, unless I am not getting the point of those posts to blogs, I am wondering if posting to blogs really help with your linking. I have been trying to post some things on blogs manually. And really I haven't found one blog that has not have it's links done with the "no follow" tag. Including the blog on this site btw. ;)

So, being new to all this, can someone try to explain why blogs are doing this? I am still not sure about the whole "no follow" linking thing.. And if all (most) blogs are doing this, are the still worthwhile posting to?
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For a sceptical view on things:
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Most bloggers don't even know what no-follow means. The thing is that it cames as default in blogs.

There are many blogs that prefer to have no-follow because it's more practical to them. Every time you give a do-follow link some of your PR 'power' lands on the linked page. And for what? The only reward is getting comments from guys using names like "free hosting" or "pooles in florida".

I'm a blogger and believe me, it's not nice.

That's a directory of do-follow blogs.

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It takes some time to find, but go to google and type "topic name blogs" You will often find people who have complied their favourite blogs for that topic. Go through them and you will eventually find blogs that are dofollow. For one of my sites, i have a list of about 12 blogs that i can regularly post on.

Make sure to contribute something useful though and your comments will normally get published, do NOT spam them :)
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Please listen to marchallg's advice. Offer good comments and they will be published gladly with your link intact. I have several wordpress blogs and the amount of spam people try to put off on them is just incredible. If it wasn't for akismet I would have probably decided on another career by now. Oh, posting something in comments like 'great post.....mysite.com', is considered spam.


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marshallg and Frank are correct. Blogs put no follow tags on links because of spammers.
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