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What Do I Do : Forum Doesn't Allow Signatures

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What Do I Do : Forum Doesn't Allow Signatures

What is the best way to approach forum marketing when the forums doesn't allows signatures where I can put my affiliate link.

What should I do?
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Most forums allow links on signatures. You can either post a link to your website here, or to a specific webpage you want to promote, or your affiliate link.

If the forum your're participating in does not allow links in the signature, or don't allow signatures at all, then you can link to your webpage on one of your posts or threads. But that thread or post needs to be related to the article you're linking to. Keep in mind that participating in forums is not just to get backlinks, but to create an online presence and interact with your target market too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Sometimes, forums will only allow signatures after a certain number of posts- like 30 or 50 posts. Red the forums FAQ, or observe if "older" forum members have signatures on their posts. Nonetheless, if the forum doesn't really allow signatures, heed the advice of cecille, you can link thru your posts provided it is related to the discussion topic.
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There are a few that do not allow signatures, but, I believe are still beneficial for the knowledge gained through them. You can perhaps try posting your link in some of your comments, but if they have a no sigs rule, you might get banned completely if they deem it as something advertising your own product/site & not in line with the conversation. If you are doing it only for the bit of exposure it gives you in the sig link, I'd re-consider whether it's worth it monetarily/time-wise to continue on with posting if you'll only be putting links every once in a while in a post related to your niche.
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When you post on a forum a link, that inks to your site. Does that automatically create a back link or do you have to go in the back of your website and create one?
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Linking to some of your articles that already contain links to your website is not a bad idea at all when it comes to participating in forums. This can be done only if the content is relevant.
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I don't think you will have much success posting an affiliate link in a forum, as most forums or signature lines. You could create a Tumblr site about your affiliate product and post the link to that instead. Another option is to ask the forum admin or owner if you can purchase a 'stickied thread' which will put your advertisement post at the top of a specific subforum. This will allow you to link to any relevant site you want and include as much information as you need about your product or opportunity.
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