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Seo - on tight budget

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Seo - on tight budget

hi there,
I am working on very tight budget and i need advise on get my seo done on a budget of $50 , pls,
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Tight budget means that you'll have to invest a lot of your time in learning and applying. No problem.

Pick one keyword to start with and stick at it until you see some traction, then begin to expand.

A common mistake is trying to optimize for a bunch of words at the same time and spreading yourself thin.
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Hey , go to amazon, there you`ll find plenty of ebooks on seo for .99 cents or a few more bucks, it aint that hard.
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Fiver would really work well. You may want to check this out too.
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We can't say the budget of SEO exactly. As you said 50$ also possible if your site has minimum number of pages and also based on your expectation that if you wish to get 1st place it may cost some maximized price rather than if you wish to get in 1st 2 or 3 pages that may cost in different cost.
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Such a small budget means you're going to have to do a lot of the work yourself. How experienced are you with SEO? If you are a beginner, I recommend reading as many resources as possible, including the SEOmoz beginners guide, indsutry blogs, SEO forums, etc.

To save you time, you can outsource some tasks fairly cheaply (although quality at this price may be questionable). Cheap outsource vendors can be found on Fiverr.com - tasks you may want to think about outsourcing are the more time consuming such as content writing.

Good luck.
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hi pm me at zardeven[@]gmail.com i am SEO expert and can do your work in this budget...
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You can get some work done at $5 a pop at fiverr :) but when it comes to marketing you're either going to pay with time or money, so when starting out it'll be more time than money usually. I recommend you research extensive SEO techniques, terms and related so that even if you outsource the work you'll understand what they did and if it helps you at all.
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Add free back links to your site for one stick keywords. it will be good to you and nothing you are going to spend except your time.
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