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"Search Engine Domination" report

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"Search Engine Domination" report

Hi Guys,
I read the free report promoted by Mark. It all seems good but I have a question regarding Matt's keyword competition research. He uses Google and chck to see there is less than 50000 entries for that phrase. I know we have been using Taffic Travis (TT) to analyse competition for keywords. Is this still the best way to go as I find that TT says a particular word is relativel easy to rank for but using Matt's system, there is way more (like a million) entries for that phrase.

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Hi Jesse,
Matt is just giving you his advice on what works best for him.
There is always more than one way to make a sandwich. :)

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Hello Jesse,

Traffic Travis and Google Keyword Tool are two handy tools to get keywords. Like Troy said, we are sharing our "own experiences" here about works for us. If you are a bit confused on what tool to use, I suggest that you use them both. In fact, you can first run Traffic Travis to find for keywords and then use Google KWT to make sure which of these keywords (you found on TT) are competitive in Google search.
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Also, you must realize that search engine optimization is constantly changing and what used to work years ago, unfortunately, will not necessarily work now or in the future.
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