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Reduce bounce rate

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Reduce bounce rate

How to reduce bounce rate in SEO? can any one suggest me?
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I am no expert but I understand your bounce rate is about visitors leaving your site very quick so you may need to come up with a more sticky headline.

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Bounce rate is very simple to fix, provided you are willing to drop as many keywords as you can.
1. Imagine yourself searching for a particular information or product online, what would you type into the search engine? In the case of your own Web site, you are selling SEO as well as Leads generation techniques. You need to check your metadata and be sure that you have both seo as your primary, and seo lead genration as your secondary.

It's always about the basics. Stick to the basic keyword and expand it from there.

Recheck your metadata and the basic information about your site. Fix your primary and secondary keywords. Include and use negative keywords to keep unwanted customers away. Don't get your prospect confused because if you do, they will visit and simply "bounce off" because it is not relevant to them.
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Bounce rate is depend on your daily visitor traffic and their behaviour on your site. If user leave your site without navigate inner pages, your bounce rate will increase.
It is better for you that write unique and descriptive content for your each web page, reduce page load time and make site easy to navigation.
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In a way many of the above ideas are correct but the big problem with bounce rates are we just don't know why the visitor left. My main site has a fairly high bounce rate but I also have many internal pages on google page one.

Many people land on internal pages of my site looking for specific information and once they get it they leave. I always put on all of my pages that there is much more information on the site which would be useful but if they landed on the page that tells them exactly what they want to know they leave after the got the information.

Look at it as if you landed on a cake baking site and landed on how to bake a cheese cake, sure there is a lot of great information through the site on baking all kinds of cakes but you came to the site looking for information on baking a cheese cake. Maybe you will bookmark the site and visit it later but for now the only thing you want is how to bake the cake you interested in baking now and if you don't go to any other page on that site then you get bounced. If by some reason you decide to look at another page you don't get bounced.

So it doesn't have to have anything to do with whether the article is bad or not it has to do with did the visitor get what he needed on the page he landed on.
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One of the biggest causes of bounce back is when a person clicks through from the search engine on a keyword only to find out that page does not actually relate to the keyword searched.

So if one of your pages ranks highly for 'blue widgets', then be sure that page is just about 'blue widgets'. This information should appear very near the top of the page. This will ensure your site visitor gets the info they clicked through to see.
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Before doing any of this though, understand your bounce rate. E.g, if anyone searches on “company phone number”, and your phone number is prominent on your website, you would expect a high bounce rate for that search.

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Bounce rate increases only by 2 main points, load time or inappropriately categorized your services & irrelevant keywords targeted on your website.
Please make sure about these things, then you will get exact result that means almost 20 to 25 bounce rate.
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Yes Bounce rate depend on your daily visitor trafficbounce rate will increase.write unique and descriptive content for your each web page.
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