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Please help! Website traffic dropped to zero

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Please help! Website traffic dropped to zero

Hi there
I have a new site which I've been enjoying slowly building in the last few months.

My traffic has been very small, which is fine as it's been growing slowly and I've had some Amazon affiliate activity. But then in the last week, traffic has just dropped to zero which hasn't happened before. And now I just feel bemused and demoralised.
I don't know what has changed...whether I have a google penalty? or whether there's some other reason why my traffic has choked?

The only thing I changed this week was adding two Social Media plugins, which I was really happy with until now.
I am using Google Analytics but am overwhelmed by all the info and don't know where to start with picking through it.

Sorry for the ramble!
Please help, I need someone to tell me whether there's something epically wrong with what I'm doing...


Thankyou so much! Emmma
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Hi Emma,

Have you been building your website for backlinks?
Have you been doing onsite SEO/on-page optimization?
How long have you been promoting/building backlinks for your site?
Is there a time the website has been down/inaccessible?

I have checked your website and it is still on Google: https://goo.gl/rMPR54

This means your site was not penalized for anything (serious yet) since you have zero (very few) backlinks to start with--- I have also checked your backlinks but it returned with zero results, mainly because it has very few ones that search engines cannot follow/see yet.

The drop in traffic that you experience is just normal. You need to start optimizing your pages for SEO and start building backlinks as well. This will help you get constant and more traffic over time.
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If you're just curious, I would check to see where most of your traffic was from before. Which search engines, what referral sites, social media sites, etc.

For long lasting results, do what MaryT said. If you don't have Yoast already, install it (free SEO plugin).
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Thanks for your helpful replies! I do have Yoast installed and use it to write all my posts, so the SEO side of things is something I'm actively working on.
However I haven't started building backlinks yet and I know this is really important. It's absolutely the next part of my plan to crack on with.

I was just so taken aback by the change in traffic, I couldn't get my head round it. Feeling more positive today and also taking a good look at my analytics to see what I can learn.
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Check your website's on-page things, and build more backlinks to your website by doing, off page techniques such as guest post, blog content posting, blog commenting, infoghraphics sharing, classified ads, profile creation.
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You need to optimize your web pages with SEO technique and according to Google algorithm. Do on-page and off-page activities to rank up your website. This really helps to you.
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Have you added your site to Google Console?

Google Analytics is useful for tracking your site's traffic, but Google Console will recommend you what to improve, let you know if your site has suffered a penalty, notify you if the crawlers can access your site, if there are any indexing errors, etc.

You also have to submit an XML sitemap to this service to have your site's pages indexed quicker.

It's not unusual to see spikes in the traffic that comes from the search engines, especially if your site is new.
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