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Paul & Angela's Baclink Packet

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Paul & Angela's Baclink Packet

Has anyone had experience directly or indirectly using Paul & Angela's back linking or "other" and if so, how good is it/other at providing permanen links?

Tks All!

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I have used them both. They are very time consuming and I don't think that any profile links are permanent. Are Paul and Angela's packets worth the money? In my opinion yes. I don't use Angela's anymore not because I don't think it isn't any good it just takes to long. It won't be to much longer and I won't be using Paul's either for the same reason, doing profile links manually just takes way to long.
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I used to use angelas links, but they do take way too long manually, and on top of that some of the sitesare not crawled very frequently and they take a long time(longer than usual) to be indexed. but they will help you if you have the time and just be sure to ping each of your links ... depends on your time.
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they are useful as long as you make sure the links are indexed. If you create the the 300 profiles and then you leave them like that, nothing will happen.

Always make sure you ping the profiles, bookmark them, create a blogger blog and put the profiles there, create a rss feed with all your profile links and submit them to rss directories, and they will be indexed faster. They ARE powerful backlinks.
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