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Need help with back linking plan.

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Need help with back linking plan.

Hi guys I have a 20 page website and need some advice.

Could someone tell me a good back linking plan that does not involve blog commenting and forum posting as I am finding it difficult to find blogs worth commenting on.

what would be a good link building plan that does not involve these types of link building and will give me good results.

Thank you very much for any help..
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mark schaaf
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For the most part the only way you will get links without comments is to write articles for articles sites, the only problem with this is most will only let you put a couple links in each article. If you wanted to try a search for your niche and put in top blogs or forums you may find some decent sites to make comments on. If the site is at least decent and you have checked out the site to see what it's ranking is then make a comment. I have told many people that I don't really look to much at the site rank is because if it is a good well made site you will be able to tell if the site will have a good rank in the future. In that cast you may post something on a site with no rank and 6 months later it could be a pr 3. The only thing you need to do with forums it to not make too many comments in one day they don't like that.
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Even though you’ve preferred to exclude forum commenting and blog commenting from your linkbuilding plan, there are still a plenty of techniques to get quality links with.

-guest blogging is a powerful technique in terms of backlinkng, because it adds value the niche and at the same time shows that you are willing to share your knowledge and experience. Try to search for high PR blogs, usually they are authority ones and pass a little bit of their PR to pages of your website, but actually high PR is not the only one factor to be taken into consideration while looking for a niche partnership;

-article submission still works, especially if done manually, and although this is not the number one SEO technique for today, submitted articles still provide your site with backlinks and promote your business in niche relevant circles;

-Web 2.0 submission is also a strategy to be considered: sometimes Squidoo (Hubpages, Blogger etc.) submission has a very positive impact on rankings within just a few days;

-social media is an essential part of any SEO strategy, and you really need to focus on it – post, comment, join thematically relevant groups on different social media platforms and increase your prominence there. Try different linkbait techniques and produce sharable and easy-to-read but still valuable content for encouraging people to naturally link to your site;

-you may also try tiered linkbuilding, this is another powerful strategy, which needs a separate plan :)

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.
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Mbeelow did a good job! :)

If I may also add, you can do Yahoo answers but it may be long before you actually get backlinks for your website as you need to first step to a certain level before they allow you to include links to your posts.

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Hi just to add another one which has worked for me and is very powerful. Join pinterest or if you are there already create some boards and within the boards pin two or three article which link back to your website. Whenever people people repin your arlice you get a backlink from a PR8 site which google loves . You need a good photo for it to work
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Here are 4 simple tips
1. Guest Posts : If you are a good writer, which you must be if you are blogging, then back linking becomes easy. All you need is a flair to write and a willingness to do it.It is as simple as that.

2. Submit articles: Another option is to go the sites that allow you to post a blog with a backlink. This has the stamp of authority and you can be assured that the backlink is welcome.

3. Pay for backlinks :Everyone is not happy paying for the backlinks but it is one of the most assured ways to get.

4.Social Bookmarking sites : Bookmarking your sites may not be very popular but it sure does pay.

Hope this will help you a lot.
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Hi just to advise people to be very very careful about buying paid backlinks google policy states Paid link violates Google’s Policies. Now seo companies will tell you no problem I know which ones to buy and which one not to as they ride off into the sunset with your money after google has slapped your site. You may get away with it for a while if you are after making a quick buck but why take the risk if you are in this long term.
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really, it is hard to give a good backlinking plan without knowing the niche. Basically, I recommend finding where the authorities are in your niche, what sites people interested in your niche turn to for news and information, and get your links on those sites. its hard work sometimes, but that is what Google really wants to see.

I am not sure what niche you are looking at, so not sure the blog situation you are referring to. may just be that you aren't looking in the right place for the blogs. I find tons of low quality blogs in a wide range of niches. however, with some work and time, I have found really good blogs in all those niches as well.

if blog commenting is out for that reason, common sense says guest posting is as well, so I don't know why most people are saying to do that one.

My best advice is start with social media. find groups and social communitites specific to your niche, and get involved. find out what sites they turn to for news and information releveant to the niche.

Some other great sources of links are Youtube videos, doc sharing sites like Slideshare where you can create a few power point slides or pdf versions of articles and include a link to your site at the end.

If there aren't any good blogs, that leaves a wide open door for you to build a powerful authority blog in the niche...
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