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Is Google AMP still helpful in SEO?

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Is Google AMP still helpful in SEO?

Hi folks,

I didn't install AMP on my website yet. I am trying to work on it. My question is, Is Google AMP Still Helpful in SEO?
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I am not sure that AMP has anything to do with SEO or ranking at the moment. AMP is another feature (which Google promotes) that is yet to prove its real value to users. At the moment though, I do not see that this is a required ranking in SERPs. You may want to check more about AMP's (current) status/news here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/1 ... d_bad_bad/
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Hi John,

It can be helpful for an SEO as many have explained. However, putting time and effort into a better mobile UX will be more beneficial.
If you are getting that much traffic, I recommend looking into optimizing the whole site to increase its speed.
If you aren't getting much traffic, speed is one of the last things you should be worried about.
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Yes, google AMP is helpful in many ways. AMP used to speed up the mobile browsing and it is helpful only when you know how to use it.
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I think it's YES, because the site speed is one of the important factor in SEO, so that Google will still consider this is useful in SEO. IMO
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you want to give your mobile users immediate access to your valuable content and boost your SEO at the same time, getting started with AMP is easy.While AMP pages will enrich the mobile user experience, it can also be a huge benefit to your marketing and SEO. The biggest reason AMP content will get an SEO boost is because these pages show up on the Google News carousel.
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